Jimmy Kimmel Roasted Matt Damon At The Oscars

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Attending the Academy Awards may usually be an honor, but there's one celebrity at this year's ceremony who probably would've rather been nominated any other year. See, Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel have a "rivalry" years in the making, so the 2017 Oscars host took every opportunity he could to mock the actor. Damon was there representing Manchester by the Sea, which he produced and is nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Despite that immense honor, Matt Damon was introduced as Ben Affleck's "guest" at the Oscars, and it was just one way Kimmel hilariously roasted him on stage towards the end of the night.

Throughout the broadcast, there was a recurring segment in which a celebrity watched a film that inspired them before taking the stage with its star to present an award together. After a few serious versions of this, Kimmel's video was shown, which featured him watching We Bought A Zoo and delivering some truly impressive backhanded compliments about Damon's performance. See, Kimmel was so impressed with Damon because he "has no discernible talent," but tries so hard anyway, and is somehow able to repeat back the exact words that someone else has said to him. You can see that bit in the video below.

Then, two people took the stage: "Ben Affleck and guest." Yes, that guest was Damon. If that wasn't already insulting enough, as the two actors introduced their category, Best Original Screenplay, the orchestra started playing Damon off every time he spoke. When Affleck spoke, however, they suddenly stopped.

It almost seems fixed, doesn't it? Well that's because none other than Kimmel himself was leading the orchestra. Check it out below:

Hopefully, the honor of presenting his own movie, Manchester by the Sea, with the Best Original Screenplay Oscar was enough to soothe Damon's Kimmel-inflicted burn.