John Boyega & Kelly Marie Tran Are Super Cute IRL, Too

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By Mathew Jedeikin

Beware! Mild Last Jedi spoilers ahead. If you've seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi, then you probably have a lot of opinions about the film. But, if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran have great chemistry in the film. And turns out, Tran and Boyega are also friends in real life, and their friendship is full of adorable moments that will make any Star Wars fan smile.

Tran, who is a newcomer to the Star Wars universe, plays Rose Tico in The Last Jedi, while Boyega reprised his role of Finn. Tran made history being the first female Asian-American actor to star in a Star Wars film, and not only is her portrayal of Rose groundbreaking for that fact alone, but Tran has also received critical praise for her performance in the film. Some outlets have even called her the "breakout star" of The Last Jedi. Although I'm not going to include any major spoilers in this post, I will tell you that Tran and Boyega share a lot of time on screen together, and they're quite the amazing duo.

Judging by not only their social media activities, but also interviews and promotional videos, Tran and Boyega legitimately seem like good friends off-screen, as well. Take, for example, this recent photo that Tran shared to Instagram in which she's seen clinging to a display of Boyega's costume from The Last Jedi. Talk about adorable!

The expression on Tran's face is perfect, and isn't it sweet how she refers to Boyega as a friend?

And this wasn't the first time that Tran spoke about her friendship with Boyega. Prior to the release of The Last Jedi, she spoke with HelloGiggles during a press junket, and when asked about Boyega, she said, "He is someone who — I really do believe from the first day we clicked immediately."

According to HelloGiggles, Tran was even wearing a sweatshirt Boyega's face on it with a caption that said "WWJBD?" (Get it? What would John Boyega do?) Speaking about her friendship with her co-star, Tran explained,

"We just had the most fun on set. We were joking around all the time. And he also is just so generous in terms of his acting work and he really did a great job of showing me the ropes when I needed that. I don't think I could have had a better partner in this, especially as someone new coming into something so big."

It sounds like the two definitely clicked while shooting The Last Jedi, and in pics from the red carpet at premieres of the film the two actors are frequently photographed hugging. I mean, look at them, they just seem so comfy and cozy while embracing. Major friendship goals.

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"He's so funny and just so honest and open," Tran told HelloGiggles of Boyega. "He always made it feel like I could play and I felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable and to be all of those things. So that says a lot about him." Indeed, it does say a lot about Boyega, but it also says something about Tran that she felt comfortable being vulnerable around him. The two of them certainly seem to trust each other the way good friends do.

Boyega is also known to be friendly with other co-stars including Oscar Isaac, who plays Poe in the films, and fans have been shipping their characters since The Force Awakens first hit theaters. Apparently, Boyega also became friends with Laura Dern while shooting The Last Jedi. It's great that he and co-stars like Tran have become good friends, as it seems to have translated into epic chemistry in the film.