Prepare For All The Feelings: John Legend & Baby Luna Danced To One Of His Songs

John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have a an adorable daughter together, named Luna Simone, and she's a social media star, and for good reason: She's a precious and hilarious kid. The couple are expecting their second child this summer, and this video of John Legend and baby Luna dancing to one of his songs might just make your whole heart burst. In the Instagram video, they're getting in some quality dad-daughter time at home, spending the morning dancing together to Legend's single "A Good Night." The Grammy-winner recently released a video for "A Good Night," and the song definitely has his daughter's approval.

In the brief clip, which could only be more perfect if it went on forever, the dad and daughter are gently dance in a pristine white room. Legend is cradling Luna in his arms the entire time. As if that wasn't enough cuteness, she's overjoyed to hear her dad's music playing over the speaker. You can see her face light up when she recognizes whose voice it is. She says "Dada!" in a way that makes Legend grin so much that it makes it almost impossible not to grin yourself.

Behold, Luna saying "Dada's singing!" to Legend while enjoying a father-daughter moment:

Cue Teigen's flawless cry face ASAP.

Honestly, every video of Luna is a great one, but this father-daughter bonding moment is just so much. Luna is just months away from becoming an older sister, and no longer an only child, and that's not always the easiest transition to make. That's especially true when you're old enough to know that something new is happening, but too young to really grasp the concept of permanence. One day, you're used to being the only kid and the center of your parents' world. And then after a few months of people telling you that you're going to be a big sister, you are in fact suddenly a big sister. For the rest of your life. It's sweet that Legend and Teigen are spoiling Luna with as much snuggling as possible until that happens.

Also, what a great advertisement for Legend's new single. Like it wasn't enough that he shot the entire video on a series of Google phones, or that his vision for the song was based on the magic of finding and connecting with a person you know you'll fall in love with, even though he married TV host Teigen literally years ago. That wasn't romantic or innovative enough on its own, apparently. He just had to go and subtly promote "A Good Night" with his adorable baby daughter. Good news for him, at least, as it's evident the track is toddler-approved.

While it seems like Teigen posts about Luna on social media more often, there's plenty of their daughter on Legend's page as well. Fans can see her sitting on Legend's shoulders and giving him a pep talk, cuddling together on the set of Jesus Christ, Superstar, and wearing matching Mickey Mouse ears at Hong Kong Disneyland. The toddler also appeared with her dad (and Teigen, offscreen) in an ad he did with Google. (It would appear that for all her parents' social media skills, Luna has not yet mastered video calling on her own. She is, however, extremely talented at eating chips.)

Fans of Legend and Teigen can't get enough of Luna. Baby number two is on the way, and Teigen confirmed that the couple is expecting a boy. How will Luna react to her little brother? Will they get their own Snapchat accounts? Is this video of John Legend dancing with Baby Luna so cute, it will earn its own Grammy? Only time will tell.