John & Olivia Left 'BiP' Together In The SWEETEST Way

by Nicole Pomarico
Paul Hebert/ABC/Paul Hebert/ABC

John may not have been able to find someone right away on Bachelor in Paradise, but as it turned out, waiting for the right person totally worked for him. Since Olivia arrived a few episodes ago, they've hit it off, and on Monday night — the second to last episode of the season — they had to make their final decision about where to take their relationship next. So what did they choose? John and Olivia left Bachelor in Paradise, but not because they felt like their relationship was over. Actually, it was for the opposite reason: they wanted to give things a shot in real life without rushing to the Fantasy Suite too soon.

It makes sense; Olivia arrived in BiP not long ago, which means she and John have had even less time to make a connection than the rest of the couples who were still standing. The Fantasy Suite comes with its own set of expectations, and a potential engagement ring came after. Clearly, John and Olivia weren't at that point.

But it seems like even without Paradise and the Fantasy Suite, these two have a real chance at making it work, and because why move faster than you're ready for the sake of a reality show?

John put it perfectly in the speech he gave Olivia explaining his feelings. He said:

"I know we haven't had many of these sit down deeper conversations but the truth is that I really, really like you. You are such a breath of fresh air in my life. You're such a sweetheart. You always look beautiful every time I see you. On the flip side, though, I do feel a little bit of pressure to go into something like the Fantasy Suite. I don't feel ready for that, and it comes with connotations and opinions of what would happen in the Fantasy Suite, but I want to keep hanging out with you. I'm not ready to say goodbye."

Fortunately, Olivia felt the exact same way, and they decided to leave paradise together, literally skipping down the beach hand-in-hand. It was an adorable moment, and not just because it meant that they might get their happily ever after — also because they came to the decision together and respected each other's feelings so well. That's a good sign when it comes to their relationship potentially surviving after Paradise.

Monday night's episode brought a lot of painful breakups (like the one between Kendall and Joe and the one between Kevin and Astrid), so it was pretty refreshing to see John and Olivia decide to continue their relationship offscreen without letting anything get in their way.

So what happens next? Are they still together, or did life get in the way? We'll probably have to wait until Tuesday night's reunion to find out for sure, but no matter what the state of their romantic relationship might be these days, it seems like they've definitely found a friend in each other through this experience.