Juelia Kinney Is Engaged To Evan Bass’ Brother, Because ‘Bachelor’ Nation Is A VERY Small World

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Sometimes, it can seem like Bachelor Nation is huge, with new contestants being thrown into the mix every time there's a new season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. But then, things like this happen that remind us it's actually a pretty small world. It's official: Juelia Kinney is engaged to Aaron Bass, who just so happens to be Evan Bass' brother — yes, the same Evan who's married to Carly Waddell, who he met on Bachelor in Paradise. How cool is that?

Fans were originally introduced to Juelia on Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor, where she won viewers over with stories about her adorable daughter, Ireland, and shared a heartbreaking story of her past when she opened up about her husband, Dustin, committing suicide. Obviously, things didn't work out with Chris, so she found herself on BIP, where she ended up going home in the fifth week. In 2016, she dated fellow Bach alum (and single parent) JJ Lane, but unfortunately, that wasn't quite meant to be.

But now, she's starting a new chapter in her life, and it starts with her engagement to Aaron, which she announced on Instagram on Wednesday, along with the most adorable beach photo ever.

In her caption, Juelia opened up about their relationship, from the time they met in Mexico last year — at Carly and Evan's BIP wedding, conveniently enough — to struggling through long distance and to where they are today. She wrote:

"This man. From the time I met him last year in Mexico I thought to myself he is hot - and would make such a good husband from all the good energy I felt from his heart. I didn’t think much more of it because I lived in San Diego and he lived in Nashville. Little did I know he was going to come visit me and little did I know I would feel sick to my stomach when he left to go back home. I knew I hadn’t felt that special or that close to someone in pretty much ever, and had no idea how it would work out."

She continued to say that although long distance was hard, their relationship still continued to grow, and now, they're planning to spend the rest of their lives together. She added:

"We went through the ups and downs but we made it here... stronger and happier than ever. I am so excited to say.... WE ARE ENGAGED!!!!!! 💍❤️💕✨😍 He is the best man I could ask for and my best friend... not to mention he makes me laugh till my stomach hurts every morning and every day. I never would have expected we would have met like we did but I am so freaking grateful that we did."

Since Juelia and Aaron are currently on vacation at Secrets Playa Mujeres resort, of course they had the perfect backdrop to their engagement — and it seems appropriate that they were on the beach when they got engaged, since they met on the beach, too.

And of course, plenty of Juelia's former Bachelor costars left comments congratulating them, including Carly and Evan. They are all about to become family, after all.

Juelia Kinney/Instagram
Juelia Kinney/Instagram
Juelia Kinney/Instagram

It's so cool that, because of Juelia's time on The Bachelor and because Carly and Evan fell in love, she was able to meet the person she'll spend the rest of her life with. Now, we just have to wait for wedding photos that are guaranteed to be incredible.