Justin Trudeau's Sock Game Was So Strong On LIVE

by Alexa Tucker

Move over, salt bae — we've got a sock bae, and you might recognize him as the world's sexiest leader (who also happens to be all about equality). Starting the week off right, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore Canadian socks on Live With Kelly And Ryan in Niagara Falls, repping the Great White North with style. As a fellow Canadian, JT has made me very proud yet again.

The red socks with white maple leaves pay homage to the Canadian flag, and they pair quite well with his dapper navy suit and white shirt that's buttoned just right. It's not the first time Justin Trudeau has wowed the world with his excellent sock choices, though. On May 4, affectionately known as Star Wars day (May the Fourth be with you, get it?), Trudeau wore a pair of mismatched pair of Star Wars socks to meet Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny. And when his 3-year-old son Hadrien told him that they didn't match, he responded, "Oh yes they do. C-3PO and and R2-D2 go together all the time."

"The thing is, I'm not a formal type of guy. I much prefer jeans and a T-shirt," he told Ripa and Seacrest. (I'm just going to pause here real quick for a moment of appreciation for jeans and T-shirt Trudeau.) "But now that I'm the prime minister, they make me dress up with a suit and tie all the time, I have to get my hair cut, the whole thing. But the socks are the one way that I can sort of express myself a little bit."

Here's a look at how he expressed himself on the show this morning...

...and how he expressed himself on Star Wars Day.

And as a gift, the talk show hosts presented him with a pretty fantastic pair to wear next time he meets with the Irish PM.

To see his Canadian socks from today in action, the full interview is on the show's YouTube channel. Trudeau makes his glorious entrance around the 19:15 mark.