If You Need More K-Pop After The Olympics, This Underrated Girl Group Is EVERYTHING

DSP Media/YouTube

If you weren't already a fan of K-Pop music before the 2018 Winter Olympics, then you might just be after watching the PyeongChang Games. Well, if you're looking for more Korean musicians to love, the K-Pop girl group April should not be missed. While they did not perform at the Olympics Closing Ceremonies, they could one day reach the international fame of the groups that did play at the February 25 event, like boy group EXO or rapper CL (born Lee Chae-rin). After all, their catchy bubble gum pop is a favorite among young listeners and certainly could appeal to listeners worldwide.

The six woman group was formed in 2015. Though it has lost and gained a couple of members along the way, it is currently made up of six singers and dancers who go by the stage names Chaekyung, Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, Rachel, and Jinsol. According to the band's label, DSP Media, the oldest member (Chaekyung) is just 21 years old, while the youngest of them, Jinsol is 16.

Following their 2015 debut album Here Goes April, the group took home the 2016 Korean Entertainment Arts Award for Female Rookie of the Year. The award seemed to put them on track to become the next big thing; the mega-popular and influential group Girls Generation won the same award for best new female group and their hit single "Gee" was labeled the song of the decade.

Since their debut, the group has been busy making more albums (Spring in 2016, and Prelude and Eternity in 2017) and music videos. Two of the members, Naeun and Jinsol, also created their own side project together, a duet called "My Story" that was released earlier this month, according to Soompi. Allkpop.com reports that the full group is planning to release a new video and song in mid-March 2018. Though it's only been several months since they last released a video together, the site is referring to the song as a "comeback."

Considering the number of members who are still teenagers — Naeun graduated from high school, the The School of Performing Arts Seoul, just two weeks ago — it's perhaps not surprising that April is a pretty wholesome, tween-appropriate bunch. They generally like to keep their dance moves and dresses on the safe side, and their songs usually cover topics like young love. The videos they release feature the singers in similar or matching outfits with lots of bright colors and costume changes. They usually include some synchronized choreography during the chorus, and there are plenty of longing looks and smiles in cute boys directions, though the interactions are decidedly G-rated. It's all pretty sweet.

However, it hasn't been entirely a smooth road for the six pop stars. Back in 2015, the original leader of the group, Somin, left to pursue a solo career, reports Korean outlet Naver (as translated by Soompi). Another member, Hyunjoo, also left the following year, reportedly out of a desire to focus on acting. Chaekyung joined in 2016, and Rachel, a self described fan of the group, was added to the line-up later that same year.

Jinsol also created some light controversy last fall when she accidentally revealed the secret behind a popular magician's trick. According to allkpop.com, the youngest member of the group was playing the MC and lovely assistant to magician Choi Hyun Woo when she messed up her portion of the trick in an on-camera performance. After Choi lit a box on fire, she was supposed to wait until he closed the cage to release a secret compartment that would kill the flames and reveal her sitting in the box. She was early to her cue, so the audience saw the truth behind the illusion.

Luckily, the magician forgave her.

Though April is not yet at the international level of fame of, say, BTS, they are certainly a great group to check out. With peppy songs and fun choreography, it's easy to root for these young singers.