Kate McKinnon Reprised Her Role As RBG In An On Point 'SNL' Home Fitness Skit

Kate McKinnon impersonated Ruth Bader Ginsberg in an SNL skit we all needed about home fitness.

Working out under quarantine is hard, but Saturday Night Live's at home edition gave us the encouragement we all needed with a workout routine led by Kate McKinnon as Ruth Bader Ginsberg. McKinnon's RBG skit was titled "RBG's Workout Corner," and featured McKinnon lifting comically small household items while throwing plenty of shade at Brett Kavanaugh, Trump, and Mitch McConnell.

McKinnon filmed her skit entirely at home in her "Super Diva" sweatshirt (and what look's like a random doily), but she still managed to completely channel Ginsberg without the added costume and makeup. "Today we're going to be working on all the major muscle groups of the body: the abs, gams, tuchus, chicken wings, and critical thinking," McKinnon's Ginsberg listed off.

The whole skit played off the fact that Ginsberg is a petite 87-year-old who's still going strong, and so all her workout routines involved modifying with amusingly light household items. Her jump rope, for example, was a piece of floss, while her weights were cotton swabs and AA batteries. McKinnon's Ginsberg suggested that before starting you should sanitize your equipment. Then she whipped out a "Lysol wipe" that was in fact a giant white beach towel.

McKinnon began her lesson with a cardio warm-up, joking that she didn't want to gain the "quarantine 15 ounces." She also joked that eating healthy was important too, and every day she eats "half a chicken — sorry, chickpea. Half a chickpea."

McKinnon also took plenty of shots at the conservative Supreme Court justices. "These are my punching bags, [Brett] Kavanaugh and [Neil] Gorsuch," she said, holding up two small tea bags to represent her fellow judges. She later joked that she's been "social distancing from Justice Alito since I was three."

Several conservative male politicians were also the subject of McKinnon's roasting, with Trump and Mitch McConnell at the top of her list. "I'm not using this time to relax," McKinnon's Ginsberg clarified while doing a wall sit. "I'm actually training for the 2021 Olympics. I'm going to do mental gymnastics to figure out why they cut the pandemic response team in 2018." She also mocked McConnell's timeline for being off when he claimed Trump was only slow to respond to the pandemic because Democrats distracted him with the impeachment hearings. Finally, McKinnon's Ginsberg said that she heard COVID-19 came from a sick bat, "which makes me wonder what [Rudy] Giuliani was doing in China."

Ultimately, McKinnon's Ginsberg reminded us to all stay fit so we can post our "thirst trap" pictures. "Dr. Fauci, answer my DMs," she cried near the end, before segueing into a amusingly sensual dance number. We may all be stuck at home trying to stay safe and healthy, but McKinnon's hilarious skit reminded us just for a few minutes that we're definitely not alone.

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