Kate Middleton Shushing Kids At Pippa's Wedding Is Way Too Relatable — PHOTO

While all eyes were on Pippa Middleton at her wedding, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the ceremony's true MVP. I'm talking about the sister of the bride, who helped keep the wedding in order behind-the-scenes, if these photos from Saturday are anything to go by. Among all of the poised, perfect pictures, there's a snapshot of Kate Middleton shushing a group of kids before heading into the church. As first pointed out on Twitter by Sky News Royal Correspondent, Rhiannon Mills, this photo is everything. It's so relatable, because Middleton is like every mom ever.

Either you're a mom, who knows firsthand what a struggle it can be to get kids to quiet down, or you're a kid-turned-adult, who remembers being shushed all. the. time. as a child. Granted, the kids' excitement is warranted, because it's a big day. I mean, who wouldn't be excited at such an elaborate ceremony? But this image is so great, because it draws on feelings that we all know way too well.

Not only that, but the Duchess of Cambridge is known for being so poised and that's something she manages to do here, too. Even in this moment where she may have to play the mom card, she does it ever-so elegantly. To be honest, I'm all grown-up, but suddenly feel cautious of even making a peep. That's how effective the picture is.

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This isn't the only moment where Kate was a total boss. There are wedding pictures of her leading the way and making sure the kids — including her own, Prince George and Princess Charlotte — were where they needed to be. She's almost like the royal mother hen to their well-dressed ducklings.

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Oh, and the kids weren't the only ones who benefited from Kate's assistance. She was also there for the bride, helping Middleton make her grand entrance. Just look at that Cinderella gown!

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That settles it — every wedding needs Kate in attendance. Even if she's not the one tying the knot, she helps make it a lovely event. And that shushing photo? Yeah, nothing tops it.