Katie Sturino's Stitch Fix Collection Is Full Of Winter Must-Haves

The new Stitch Fix x Katie Sturino collection is the second collaboration between the service and in...
Courtesy of Stitch Fix

Fans of Katie Sturino know her for her bold and colorful style. So it should come as no surprise that when the Megababe founder and plus size influencer decided to create her own clothing collection, it would emulate her fun and fearless fashion outlook. That's exactly what you're getting in the Katie Sturino x Stitch Fix collection, which is available on Stitch Fix starting Nov. 12.

The new set of fall and winter pieces from Sturino and the online styling service focuses on vibrant colors, fun patterns, and embracing fashion as a gut instinct rather than a prescribed set of rules you've been told to follow. Sturino is certainly combating those rules, especially the ones often heard by plus size women, in this collection. Nothing is demure or reserved. Instead, Stitch Fix users can snag sweaters in the pink, red, and blue color scheme of her Megababe beauty brand, don bold emerald winter coats, and finally find a pair of bright red riding pants.

Sturino's process centered on creating pieces she couldn't find for herself, and she's throwing in a large dash of the inspiration she finds in everyday life — including wallpaper. Sturino isn't just designing for plus women — though it is a major theme of her collection — all of the items are size inclusive beginning at a 0 or XS and extending to a 24 or 3X. Through her collection, Sturino wants to encourage everyone — plus and straight size — to go bolder with their style.

Courtesy of Stitch Fix

In an interview with Bustle, Sturino says working with Stitch Fix has been been refreshing as the company allows her to be herself and embrace the more whimsical side of fashion. That rush toward color and fun is something she encourages women to do, too — she wants customers to take a chance on something different.

"Give yourself a chance to try something new" she shares with Bustle. "So often we see things and think 'I could never pull that off,' especially as plus size women. You talk yourself out of it before you’ve even tried…I think you have to wear it around the house, take a photo of yourself, send it to your friends. Just try it on. You need to give yourself a chance to adjust to seeing yourself in a new thing. Most of the time I think you end up liking it."

Courtesy of Stitch Fix

As for where to start when it comes to branching out into different, more vibrant styles, Sturino says it's all about looking for inspiration in everything, whether it's a celebrity whose fashion you admire or even something more mundane like wallpaper.

"Your gut tells you what you like," say Sturino, "It’s all about what makes you excited and what gives you a thrill. Even taking inspiration from wallpaper, home decor, things you see that you react to. There are ways to incorporate that into your personal style, in my opinion."

Courtesy of Stitch Fix

Sturino's openness and willingness to try new things and go bold make her the perfect collaborator for Stitch Fix, a service that actually sends new and exciting styles directly to your door. The company has never tried to stifle Sturino's vision for a brighter and bolder fashion future.

"They really get me," she tells Bustle. "I want primary colors. I want rainbow. I want fun. They don’t try to mute that at all. I find that a lot of times when you have a big idea, and you try to run it through a machine, the result that comes out is generally pretty watered down, but that has not been my experience with Stitch Fix."

Courtesy of Stitch Fix

If you want to try Sturino's pieces, you'll first need to get a "Fix," a personalized styling box from Stitch Fix and indicate that you're interested in the collection. Once done, your stylist will send you a box of options your way for a $20 styling fee. If you like what you've been sent, you can keep the pieces and simply pay their price (with a $20 discount thanks to the styling fee) and send back the other pieces for free. Given that everything in Sturino's Stitch Fix collection is $158 and under, the new items are definitely a steal.

Courtesy of Stitch Fix

Head to the Stitch Fix website now to sign up for your next Fix featuring the new Katie Sturino x Stitch Fix collection. Brilliant yellows, trendy leopard prints, and perfect fits for all sizes — there's bound to be something for everyone's wardrobes.