Kelly Clarkson Introduces Her Daughter To Nutella, Marking A Milestone Every Child Deserves — VIDEO

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What the world needs right now is some Nutella-based goodness. And we can thank our lucky stars that Kelly Clarkson introduced her daughter to Nutella and recorded it on Instagram for all of us to enjoy. I mean, where were you when you took your first bite of the greatness that is Nutella? Were your parents cool enough to introduce it to you when you were just a kid?

On Saturday, Clarkson documented the momentous occasion when her daughter, River, took her first bite of Nutella. The singer captioned the video with this cheeky observation: "River's first Nutella experience. It should have been via crepe but toast was easier." First off, toast is a innovation and I applaud Clarkson for stepping up the Nutella delivery system from the more traditional crepe to the more breakfast-appropriate choice of toast. Two big thumbs up. Secondly, it looks like Clarkson really slathered that toast with Nutella, ensuring that River would not be denied the glory of this wonder food. Again, more thumbs going way, way up in Clarkson's favor.

In the video, you can hear Clarkson ask, "River, do you like Nutella?" Quite matter-of-factly, River just looks at her mom and goes, "Yeah," as if to say, "Duh, mom, of course this chocolate hazelnut spread is the best thing ever and why are you filming and not eating?"

River's big Nutella moment is absolutely the kind of joyous thing that instantly makes life better. With overwhelming news getting pelted at us from every angle, doesn't this just warm your heart and make you forget about your troubles temporarily? To further solidify this as the cutest moment on the planet, Clarkson asked River if she liked Australia, and River simply replies, "What's that?" with a mouth full of Nutella toast. You guys, my heart is melting!

Clarkson's clearly got her head on straight when it comes to parenthood. Along with making sure your child knows how to walk and talk, you have to make sure they know about the deliciousness of Nutella.