Kendall Jenner Revealed How Much She Admires The Kardashian Family's Work Ethic

Sean Zanni/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kendall Jenner has a lot of inspiring women in her life to look up to. In honor of International Women's Day, Kendall Jenner opened up about how her hardworking family has inspired her own work ethic over the years, and revealed the biggest lessons she's learned from her family have to do with work.

During a conversation with her mother as part of the most recent episode of her Zaza World Radio show on Beats 1 on Apple Music, Kendall explained that she credits Kris with her dedicated work ethic. "I feel blessed to have such strong women to look up to," Kendall explained on the episode, which aired on International Women's Day on Friday, March 8. "I got that example put right in front of me, where I could pull that into my own work life."

And according to Kendall, she and younger sister Kylie learned the importance of hard work by watching their older sisters build their brands over the years. "Because we were so much younger than my older sisters, I don't think I've ever not seen them working or doing something," she explained. "My most vivid memories of Kim are always flying around to work and getting things done and whatever. Same with Kourtney. She was always a tough cookie and a boss."

In addition to learning how to hustle from her mother and sisters, Kendall explained that having her family work in the same industry as her helps make the ups and downs of life in the spotlight a little easier. "It's really nice to have those people that can just understand you completely," she revealed. "And can understand what it's like to be a female [in this industry]."

During the ZaZa World radio show, Kris also explained that her main goal is to ensure that all of her children have a solid career lined up. "I feel like everybody has something to fall back on, lean back on, have a great business lined up. That seems very important to me," Kris admitted. "I think about it all the time. I think the options are important, because it gives them control of their own situations."

The mother and manager also noted that she has always tried to impart onto her daughters the idea that anything is possible if they are "determined to make something work." She explained, "There's always a way to figure something out, but with integrity. And with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, you can make things happen."

Kris continued, "You just have to be honest with yourself, and take a look at what you think your qualities are, and where your talent might lie. Or what you're excited about doing every single day."

However, Kendall's older sisters have taught her more than just the value of hard work. In a 2015 interview with WWD, the model revealed that the eldest three Kardashians had just as much influence on Kendall and Kylie as their parents did. "My sisters raised me along with my parents, and Kylie and I got to learn from their mistakes, for sure," she explained. “We’d watch them to learn about it before we actually got on the ride. My little sister and I make our mistakes, but at least we’re aware of it, what you have to be careful of. And they taught me not to listen to what the media has to say about me."

Having her family there to help her navigate life in the public eye made things easier for Kendall when she decided to pursue her own career as a model. "I was lucky enough to be able to grow up with it. My little sister and I got used to it at an easy pace," Kendall said at the time. "It’s been normal for us since we were babies. We were never afraid of it, of a big crowd and a lot of people. We always understood the idea that it came with the fame."

While growing up in the Kardashian-Jenner household likely wasn't typical, it seems as if Kendall has learned a lot about what she values in life by watching her mother and sisters establish themselves and their careers. And when the hardest working manager in Hollywood is your mother, it's no surprise that one of those values is dedication to your career.