Kendall Jenner's Snake Tattoo On Her 'V' Cover Is Driving Fans Wild (Even If It Might Be Fake)  – PHOTO

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

New year, new issue, and new ink? Nah... or so we think! Kendall Jenner rocks a massive tattoo on her Spring 2017 V cover. It's a coiled up, black and green snake that spans most of the real estate that is the side of her thigh. That said, PEOPLE claims this statement, serpent tattoo is a fake. I have to agree with them that it's probably faux. While it's a pretty piece of ink, it's entirely out of character for Jenner, whose style is reserved and classic. She is also a model and rocking a maj tattoo such as this could limit her ability to get gigs, based on the nature of her job.

UPDATE: V confirmed that the tattoos are fake, created with stencils and airbrushing.

Still, it's fun and fans are legit freaking out in a good way over an inked Kendall Jenner on the cover of V. The model and Kylie's big sister shares solo cover honors with several other models, such as Joan Smalls and Lara Stone, who also got "inked" with custom tattoos for the occasion. The tats were created by Jenai Chin, a makeup and body artist, whose profile is no doubt about to skyrocket due to her work with V, Jenner, and co.

Social media has already begun exploding with the news of Jenner's maj thigh tattoo, because of course it has! Kylie may have to take a back seat in the pop culture conversation today since her sister's snake slays!

There is Jenner's tattoo and a little side bum! She also rocks seriously gorgeous smoky eyes and messy hair. Yes, Jan. 5 could end up being the day that Kendall Jenner and her probably fake tattoo effectively broke the Internet.

Here is the caption accompanying the post, confirming who created the tattoo.

Now, here's how others responded to Jenner's ink.

Some early reactions show the love and are positive, as they should be! The model is having fun with her craft. Remember when Jenner rocked that lip tattoo?

This fan is feeling Kendall's cover the most.

More to come...

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