Kevin Jonas' Daughter Spilled The Beans About The Band's Reunion Way Too Early

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When the Jonas Brothers announced that they were getting back together earlier this year, fans were excited and very surprised. But that surprise almost got totally spoiled, thanks to a certain Jonas kid. During the brothers' appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, they revealed that Kevin's daughter almost ruined the Jonas Brothers reunion super early in the process, but fortunately, everything worked out — and it makes for a really adorable story.

Kevin and his wife, Danielle, have two daughters — Alena, who is 5, and Valentina, who is 2. As Kevin told Fallon, Alena was the one who spilled the beans at school. "She did tell her entire school that the Jonas Brothers are coming back before the Jonas Brothers were," he said.

"We were trying to keep it a secret for basically a year," Nick said. "We're making this documentary, we're making the album, and we're like, 'we've got this on lock. No one is gonna tell.' Kevin comes home and he's like, 'guys, Alena told her whole class.' Luckily, those five year olds are tight lipped."

"They kept the secret for us," Kevin added.

That could have gone a whole lot worse, but fortunately, it all worked out, and when they were finally ready to share that they were making music again, it went off seemingly without a hitch.

Earlier in the interview, Kevin told Fallon that his kids are "the best thing ever," and judging by his Instagram, it's clear that's what he really believes. If you caught Chasing Happiness, the documentary that the band filmed for Amazon Prime, you already know that Kevin talked about his daughters never knowing him in his former life as a member of a huge boy band, but now, they finally have the chance to see their dad in action.

In fact, Kevin even shared a photo of Alena and Valentina watching him perform last week, writing, "Seeing these girls made my night!"

When Fallon asked Kevin if they understand who their dad is now, he said they've finally caught up... even if it took some time.

"It was touch and go there for a minute — they didn't really know who that was and all of that stuff," he said. "But they got to come to their first show the other day, which was amazing."

Alena and Valentina have even been a bit involved in the making of the album itself. They created album artwork for Happiness Begins that was included as an insert in the physical copies of the CD, featuring their drawings of Kevin, Nick, and Joe, plus plenty of flowers and a bright yellow sun in the corner.

It's good to hear that Alena didn't end up ruining the surprise with her excitement — and so sweet to see the ways that Kevin is enjoying this time in his life with his daughters. Hopefully, she'll get better at keeping secrets as she gets older, but if not, it seems like her dad will love her regardless.