Khloé Says True & Tristan Are “Twins" & It's Hard To Deny With This Kind Of Evidence

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Khloé Kardashian's daughter, True, has been in the world for one month now, and we don't know much about her just yet. But now, fans have a few more details about the newest addition to the family. According to Kardashian herself, True is Tristan Thompson's twin, and no matter how you feel about Thompson, it's hard to deny how adorable True is.

While Kardashian was replying to fans' questions about True on Twitter, she pointed out how much she looks like the NBA player. It's easy to see the resemblance; True definitely favors her dad in the video that Kardashian shared over the weekend in honor of her turning one month old. She added that everyone tells her Thompson and True are identical, and that she's hoping that her eyes stay light so she gets something about her appearance from her mom.

And because Kardashian fans are some of the most loyal out there, it's not surprising that as soon as Kardashian started tweeting about how much True looks like her father, they stepped in to let her know that there's definitely still time for her to look more like her mom as she gets older.

The discussion started when a fan tweeted that True looks "just like her daddy":

Soon, she responded to another fan's tweet asking if she thinks True looks like Thompson or herself:

No matter how fans feel about Thompson — and the feeling is generally very negative, if you've looked at the comments on his Instagram lately — it's pretty clear that True looks a lot like him. And she's obviously a very beautiful baby, so his genes did her well. It'll be fun to see what she looks like as she grows older, especially if it does end up becoming easier to see the Kardashian side of the family in her.

And with Kardashian laying so low the last few weeks, it's awesome to hear any details that she wants to share, especially that adorable first video that she posted on Instagram on Saturday. Those cheeks! That hair!

It also seems like Kardashian had a pretty good first Mother's Day, which is definitely great to hear considering how much she's been through over the past month. In her Instagram stories, she showed off floral arrangements that spelled out "mommy," as well as balloons that spelled out "Koko," her nickname. She didn't clarify whether Thompson did this for her or someone else, but it's a sweet gesture, and it seems she felt very loved and special that day, as all moms should.

She also took the opportunity to share another photo of True on Snapchat in honor of Mother's Day, giving fans another glimpse at her adorable squishy baby cheeks as she slept cuddled up to Kardashian. This girl is passed out hard, and she does happen to make a very cute bear, thanks to that filter.

Khloé Kardashian/Snapchat

Since Kardashian has shared the initial photos of True, hopefully, that means more are on their way. Becoming a mom is obviously a huge deal for Kardashian — and it's something fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians have seen her look forward to for a very long time. She deserves to enjoy every minute of this time, especially while True is so little and cuddly. And according to everything her family has said, it seems like she's already killing the mom game. Now, the rest of us just have to wait for more photos, videos, and stories about True.