Kim Kardashian Just Dyed Her Hair A Color You Didn't Know Existed

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So long, angled bob. See you later, glossy black strands. Kim Kardashian West has frosted brown hair now — or so it seems. While mushroom blonde —an ashy golden shade that allows blondes to indulge their darker sides — has asserted itself as one of the top coif color trends on Pinterest, Kardashian West appears to be ushering in this ashy brunette shade on Instagram. Frosted brown is a beautiful way for dark-haired people to take their hue down several notches and to go lighter without going totally blonde. Her stylist Chris Appleton posted images of a lighter-haired KKW and coined the "frosted brown" term in the caption on his Instagram. You probably never knew this shade existed — until now. Ultimately, frosted brown could end up becoming one of the hair color trends of Summer 2019.

Kardashian West recently rocked a face-framing, head-hugging, and angled black bob, which has become one of the most popular celebrity hairstyles as of late. But she has apparently ditched that color and cut in favor of this softer, warm weather-ready shade and longer style. From this vantage point, Kardashian West's glossy strands look as though they were highlighted by the sun. That's what makes this hair hue such an excellent choice for summer strands. It can be low maintenance and require few touch-ups since the golden tint appears to be the natural result of spending some time out and about in the sun.

The glints mixed throughout KKW's strands call attention to her light brown eyes. With her curled ends and Ariana Grande-inspired high ponytail, Kardashian West is rocking such a mod, '60s style.

Appleton captioned the shot, "Who's in to this light frosted brown for summer?" The better question is, "Who isn't into it?" The post has already generated over 60,000 likes in a day so fans are clearly feeling it. Even Kylie Jenner and Kardashian West's longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic responded with hands up emojis in a show of approval in the comments section.

Appleton posted a pair of images of the frosted brown strands so be sure and scroll through. Kardashian West's neutral makeup in these shots matched her new coif color, too. She didn't share a shot of this look on her personal Instagram so there's no telling exactly when she went lighter. This could very well be an older picture of the KKW Beauty makeup mogul or she could be rocking this look on a temporary basis. It might even be wig. But it turns heads regardless.

Bustle reached out to Kardashian West's reps to inquire about this hair change.

This recent shot of Kardashian West with her signature, super dark locks (and the angled bob) demonstrates just how dramatic of a change the frosted brown color is. It's certainly several shades lighter and can be classified as a light-to-medium brown.

Kardashian West doesn't usually stray too, too far from dark hair. She has gone platinum blonde several times in the past. She once rocked an ice blue wig in winter, too. While she remains mostly committed to dark brown hair, it is fun to see her switch things up a bit without being too drastic.

The frosted brown look might inspire you to book an appointment with your own colorist to lighten up your own locks through Labor Day. Frosted brown hair is about to have a moment and it can thank Kim Kardashian West for that. Expect to see this shade pop up in your Instagram and Pinterest feeds for the next few months.