Kim Kardashian Finally Sets The Record Straight About This Year's Family Christmas Card

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It certainly is the most wonderful time of the year, and that's not only because of the joy that Christmas brings. The annual Kardashian Christmas card is an event fans of the famous family look forward to, and they've been under the impression that Kim Kardashian has been teasing the holiday card for most of the month via Instagram and Twitter. However, it wasn't until Friday afternoon that the soon-to-be mother of three debunked one of the biggest myths about this year's card.

Since earlier this month, Kim's been using social media to share pieces of the holiday card with fans. In a tweet on Friday, Dec. 1, Kardashian insinuated that this year's card would be a 25-day reveal. She wrote: "25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS BY @ELIRUSSELLLINNETZ STARTING TODAY." Since then, she's been posting what fans believed to be fragments of the card that can later be pieced together to reveal something bigger.

Essentially, everyone thought it was just a big puzzle, because there's really no better way for the Kardashians to switch things up this year than to create a scheme like that. But after the Daily Mail tweeted out Friday's image of Kim's husband Kanye West holding up their son Saint, while also referring to the photo as a teaser for the holiday card, Kardashian went ahead and set the record straight. The 37-year-old responded saying, "These aren't teasers these are the cards."

Fans have pretty much had it wrong all along, and now some are a little confused.

There were a good amount of people who assumed that everything Kim has posted thus far was part of a big build-up, and that the actual holiday card would be released on Christmas Day. But it turns out, that's wrong.

And considering that most of what she's shared so far includes herself, Kanye, and the kids, some are also wondering why the whole family isn't included in most of the photos. There hasn't been a huge group shot just yet.

On top of that, there are those who originally thought that, since Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner hadn't appeared in the earlier shots, the final Christmas card would be what the family would use to confirm both of their rumored pregnancies. But Khloé just confirmed hers earlier this week, and she's since appeared in the family's festive snapshots multiple times. Still, the rumors about Kylie's rumored pregnancy and Christmas card cameo remain up in the air.

Even though it's not something that should be put past the Kardashians, the thought of them using the last day to make a big reveal sounds so predictable that it really wouldn't be surprising if the final card revealed absolutely nothing. The family has gotten so good at revealing big news when everyone least expects it, and there's a good chance that everyone is reading a little too much into this.

Kim appeared on The Late, Late Show with James Corden back in November, when she gave the host a few details about this year's shoot. She explained,

"This year's Christmas card is shot really casually. We're kind of doing jeans and t-shirts vibe. Really cute. All the kids and so hard to put together."

And "casual" really is the best word to describe all of the photos. The family, along with all the kids, is seen throughout the photos sporting white t-shirts and blue jeans — and that's about all there is to a lot of them. The casual aspect of the photos is definitely a step in a different direction, considering how over-the-top the family usually is about these kinds of things.

From all the photos that Kim has posted to date, it really does look the family is choosing to let the kids be the stars of the holiday cards this year, which isn't exactly a bad thing. Fans will obviously have to wait until Christmas to see if any of their theories about the final card are actually true, but there's a good chance that the Kardashians are already one step ahead of everyone else (per usual) and probably aren't going to reveal any huge secrets.