Kim Kardashian's Photo Of Saint Kissing Chicago Will Make You So Emotional

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have three kids, and while that might sound like the beginning of a high school math word problem, it's just a delightful fact. Kim Kardashian's photo of Saint kissing Chicago is so cute that you'll melt like a bag of sugar left out in the rain when you see it. Fans are used to seeing pictures of daughter North, who is the couple's firstborn and the eldest of their three children. North is a tiny fashion plate, an animal lover, and a frequent star of Kim's Instagrams and Snapchats. Fans have seen significantly less of toddler Saint West, and barely any of newborn Chicago. That all changed on March 31, when Kim K shared a peaceful shot of her two younger children on Saturday morning.

In the Instagram, fans can see the profile of Saint, as he bestows a tender kiss upon his baby sister's forehead. It is so much. It's also somewhat incongruous with the rest of Kim K's feed. Most of the mogul's photos are artfully styled, carefully curated, and credited to the various hair, makeup, photography, and lighting teams with whom she works. This is an intimate look at the Kardashian-West family, where the kids are just sharing a moment together. Kim is such a mom, and it's hard not to love it.

Get the tissues ready, because here's the photo of Saint kissing Chicago:

Take all the time you need. Do you have a favorite part? Trick question, since that's impossible. But Saint's curling eyelashes, the gentle kiss on Chicago's teeny nose, or Chicago's full lips peeking out of the baby blanket are all acceptable answers. It appears that Chicago is resting, so did Saint go over to check in on her? Was he trying to wake her up? It's easy to have more questions about this than answers. One more question, though: Would it be weird to have this printed out, framed, and hung in a personal residence if you do not know the Kardashian-West family personally? Kidding. Totally kidding. (Not kidding at all.)

The real highlight of this photo is the caption. "He loves her so much," Kim K wrote underneath this heartwarming tableau. So, no middle child syndrome for Saint West then, it seems. He's just a good, cuddly, loving big brother. Of course, no one is trying to leave North out of the discussion. As any oldest sibling knows, once the cute new ones enter the picture, it can be easy to feel like you're shoved aside for chubbier cheeks and better mispronunciations. Not speaking from experience. No, not at all. Just a hunch. But since social media gets way more of North than North's younger siblings, fans should be allowed to coo over the the babies when given the opportunity.

It makes sense that the mom of three documents more of North for the world than North's younger siblings. So much of Kim K's life in the public eye is spent being hounded by photographers, and it's only natural to want to shield newborns from too much media exposure. That's likely why it took so long for Saint to make his public debut. Chicago is just two months old, so the same rules would apply. Furthermore, Kim and Kanye welcomed North well before some of the most highly-publicized moments in their relationship, including their 2014 wedding.

Now that they've had three healthy children, both parents seem comfortable being less a part of the public eye than fans might be accustomed to. That might mean more time at home together and less Keeping Up With The Kardashians screen-time for the kids, and by extension, less insight into their cozy home life for fans. That's okay, though, because this incredible photo of Saint snuggling Chicago will sustain fans of the Kardashians for a long, long time.