Kim Kardashian Just Shared A New Photo Of Baby Chicago, So Prepare Yourself For The Cuteness

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload, Kardashian fans. On Saturday, Kim Kardashian shared a new photo of Chicago West, and her little girl is so adorable she will make your heart melt. The reality star kept her caption short and sweet, because really, Chicago speaks for herself, even though she can't technically talk yet. Kardashian wrote, "morning cutie" alongside the photo of the baby relaxing in what looks like her pink pajamas.

Kardashian also shared two videos of Chicago on her Instagram Story, and in one, you can hear her asking her 2-year-old son Saint what he thinks of his baby sister rocking a virtual flower crown. This isn't the first time the mom of three has had fun with filters on her new baby's photos. One of the first pictures she shared of little Chi featured both mom and daughter sporting cute animal ears and noses. If you didn't think that kid could get any cuter, then you need to see her with pink koala ears.

While Kardashian hasn't shared many photos of Chicago just yet, it seems clear that she's been enjoying some much-deserved family time since her daughter's arrival in January. Given how busy the reality star is with her show and business projects, family time is surely precious, and her fans should feel special when she does share peeks into her private life.

In a Feb., a fan on Twitter asked Kardashian how Chi was doing, and her response was beyond sweet. The reality star responded,

"The sweetest! Best baby! She looks a tiny bit like North and a tiny bit like Saint but definitely her own person!"

Chicago is definitely already establishing herself as her own tiny person. Yes, she does look like her big brother and her big sister North, but she also seems to be a super chill baby. In all of her pictures so far, she appears to just be soaking up the world around her. Just look at her face in the latest picture. She looks so happy and relaxed — and, hey, she's already slaying the social media game.

If you need proof of Chicago's burgeoning Instagram skills just take a look at her proudly wearing a flower crown filter for her mom. Not only does she seem totally cool with it, she's cooing like the adorable little baby that she is, which adds a whole other layer of cuteness to the proceedings.

She may only be a couple of months old, but Chicago is clearly already a star. Kardashian's youngest even has her own squad in the making. Thanks to her cousin, Stormi, Kylie Jenner's daughter, being born just a few weeks after Chicago, and her future little cousin from her Aunt Khloé, arriving soon, Chicago will have two best friends for life — and their moms couldn't be happier.

After Khloé found out she was having a baby girl, Kim tweeted, "Three besties for life!!!" Just the thought of the next generation of Kardashian/Jenner kids growing up together is enough to make fans weepy. But before you start crying, check out Chicago wearing sparkly digital animal ears instead, because it will make your day 100 percent better, even if it's already going great.

Seeing how happy Kardashian is to have Chicago in her life is beautiful. The mom of three has some seriously darling kids, and watching Chicago grow up is already such a treat. Just imagine her first group photo with Stormi and her soon-to-be-born cousin — the internet might actually explode from joy.

For now, Chicago is in the spotlight, and this little next generation Kardashian appears to be loving every minute of it — or she could just be dazzled by those Instagram filters. Either way, she's already charmed her mom's legion of fans.