KKW Beauty Is Having A MASSIVE Sale Including $13 Lipstick, Concealer & Highlight

Maybe you should spend Labor Day lounging by the pool as the days of summer melt away. Perhaps you should spend time with family and friends relaxing on your day off. You could also go shopping, though, and the KKW Beauty 2018 Labor Day sale is one that you should definitely take advantage of this long weekend.

KKW Beauty isn't typically one for random deals, but the Kim Kardashian helmed brand certainly knows how to bust one out for a holiday. From Black Friday to Memorial Day, KKW Beauty seems to love a good holiday sale, and the brand's fans surely love them for it. What are the deals on KKW Beauty for Labor Day? Get ready, fans, because there's a lot that's up for grabs from the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star's eponymous brand.

This holiday you'll be able to snag a whopping 25 percent discount on everything on the site with the except her Ultralight Beam product. That's right. It's basically 1/4 of the price of her products gone with no promo code required. Simply choose the items that you've been keeping your eye on for a while or the ones that you need to restock and head to the checkout.

The sale isn't major just because of the discount (though that is kind of a BFD). It's also exciting because it's not a single day. Nope, Kardashian wants her fans to have plenty of time to shop her KKW Beauty goodies. The sale is set to begin on Friday, Aug. 31 at midnight PST, and it won't end until Monday, Sept. 3 at 11:59pm PT. Basically, you've got all weekend long to do your KKW Beauty shopping, and there's plenty of product to go around.

Just because Kardashian's latest Ultralight Beam products won't be included in the KKW Beauty Labor Day sale doesn't mean that there's not other new KKW releases you can buy. After all, Kardashian seems to have been hard at work on creating new products for her line as of late.

In fact, just recently, she added new versions of her classic (and original) products the powder and creme highlight and contour sticks and palettes. Now, fans of the brand can purchase individual powder contour shades as well as an extended shade range of her both her contour sticks and dual ended contour and highlight sticks.

Then, of course, there's her other major launch as of late. KKW Beauty's Classic Collection is just what it sounds like, a group of products that are staples in Kardashian's beauty game. Including a palette and four lippies, the Classic Collection is exactly what admirers of Kardashian would love.

If you want shop the KKW Beauty Labor Day sale, get ready. It's way sooner than you may have anticipated. Mark your calendar for Friday, Aug. 31 to begin picking out your must-have products, but don't fret too much. Kardashian has been generous, and you've got until Monday at midnight PST to shop this sale, and honestly, it's too good to miss.