KKW Body Foundation Extended Its Shade Range

Kim Kardashian's KKW Beauty Body Makeup has expanded its shade range.
KKW Beauty/Instagram

Sometimes you get zits in weird places on your body. There are days you forget your SPF and get burned. Perhaps, there is a weird rash situation happening. You don't have to cover any of this up, but if you want to do so, KKW Beauty's Body Foundation now comes in two new shades.

In an Instagram slide posted to the KKW Beauty account, Kardashian West announced additional shades in her Skin Perfecting Body Foundation. The brand has extended both its range in both directions. Pale is now the lightest shade and is a fair, warm tone, and Deep is the new darkest shade and is a deep bronze with a neutral undertone.

The new Body Foundation options bring the total number of shades to nine, and while the line can obviously add additional shades to become more inclusive, the sheer but buildable nature of the product makes the range a bit more workable than it may seem at first glance. Plus, with Kardashian West adding these new shades, more could certainly be on the way.

The new shades launched Oct. 30 exclusively at the KKW Beauty website, and like when the foundation originally launched over the summer, the new shades retail for the same $45 price tag.

Kardashian West's beauty line is filled with products that give fans her signature look. From ultra-nude lipsticks and glosses to her OG contour kits, the brand helps to make the reality star and social media maven's looks accessible and easy to achieve. However, despite everything being very KKW-centric in terms of style, it's her body makeup that Kardashian West says she can't live without.

In an interview with Bustle, Kardashian West explains that her decision to create body makeup was personal, stemming from her psoriasis and the insecurity she's felt about it in the past. While some have argued that the product promotes unrealistic body standards, Kardashian West says the makeup isn't necessarily designed to be worn every day, but is an option for the days where you don't feel great about your skin.

"Some days, I feel great and some days, I just don’t want the distraction," Kardashian West told Bustle. "People with autoimmune issues, it goes up and down, and your skin changes. So does your attitude about it. Sometimes you feel really confident and you don’t need anything. Sometimes, you just don’t want that distraction."

Ultimately, the decision to wear body makeup is a personal one, but if you do want to test Kardashian West's body foundation, the new shades could be your perfect match.