Costco Is Now Selling A Cult Favorite K-Beauty Cream & People Are Here For It

Courtesy of Costco

K-Beauty is steadily becoming more and more available to a wider sect of consumers. There's a K-Beauty hub at CVS, and Target expanded its Korean skin and beauty offerings. Now, K-Beauty is available at Costco, as reported by Allure. The wholesale store is now selling a much-loved product that includes snail extract.

Mizon's All-in-One Snail Repair Cream is now available for purchase at the bulk wholesaler. It might seem slightly unorthodox for a membership-based wholesaler to stock K-Beauty, given the products are only recently coming to prominence in the US. But, seriously, stop overthinking it!

The retailer is selling a combo pack of jars of Snail Repair Cream, which is comprised of snail extract. The extract hydrates, smoothes, brightens, and combats wrinkle -- all for $29.99.

If you are already an avowed user of the product, that's a deal. But if Snail Repair Cream is new to you, you might be hesitant to nab two jars right now. You may prefer to sample a single jar at Peach and Lily, the gold standard of K-Beauty retailers, first.

Courtesy of Costco

It's awesome that more mainstream retailers, from Costco to CVS, are adding K-Beauty items to their shelves, since it's so much more than a fleeting trend. K-Beauty is all about skin self-care, even if it requires multiple steps and several products. It's not a chore. It's a commitment to your skin for the long term.