Kristen Cavallari Shows You How To Be A Total Boss In This Trailer For Her New Reality Show

If you've been wondering what Kristin Cavallari's been up to since The Hills ended, the answer is a lot. Cavallari is now married and a mom to three kids. But if the trailer for her new show is any indication, she's far from settling down. Kristin Cavallari is hustling more than ever — and Very Cavallari will show just how much work she's doing these days.

In the first trailer for Cavallari's new E! reality show, Cavallari takes fans inside her jewelry business, Uncommon James. The company is based in Nashville, where Cavallari and her family live. And the new reality show will take place in the Southern city, too, exploring just how busy Cavallari is as the company's founder and creative director.

The Uncommon James store in Nashville is open for business now, but it looks like the show started filming before it was up and running. "We're literally opening the store in, like, two weeks," Cavallari tells her employees in the Very Cavallari trailer. The minute-long teaser also shows sticky situations, like Cavallari informing an employee that she won't hire her friends, just because they're, well, her friends.

And for fans who are eager to learn more about Cavallari's personal life, it looks like there will be plenty of that, too. There's a scene in the trailer of Cavallari and her husband, NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, in what appears to be their Nashville apartment. Cavallari and Cutler were married in Nashville in 2013, so it's a full-circle moment for them to be back in the Tennessee city now.

There's also a moment where Cavallari advises a friend not to "have sex on the first night" if her date is "the one" — but if he's not, it's totally fine. While her argument is a little reductive — women can have consensual sex on any date they want to — the moment illustates that there likely will be romance-related drama among Cavallari's circles in the show, too.

Cavallari has definitely come a long way from her days on The Hills and Laguna Beach. These days, her Instagram is filled with photos of her and Cutler's children — Camden, Jaxon, and Saylor —along with posts about Uncommon James products. The family moved to Nashville, which is Cutler's hometown, in 2017, the same year Cavallari launched her business.

And while the Very Cavallari trailer has some definite Hills vibes, it looks like it will be more about Cavallari's professional life than it will be about personal drama. The trailer is, for the most part, focused on Uncommon James and Cavallari's workplace, so fans should expect to see more of the business side of things in the new show. (For the record, Cavallari has also launched a namesake shoe collection and a makeup line, though it's not clear if either of those ventures will be featured on the show.)

Fans who were interested in the business side of The Hills will probably love to take a peek behind the curtain at Uncommon James, too. Anyone who's been in a stressful workplace situation will appreciate watching the drama play out. And people who haven't experienced similar work environments might be interested in seeing how a company runs during its early stages. And, hey — it might even make some fans grateful for their own jobs.

Last June, Cavallari told Bustle that Uncommon James is "like my fourth child," so it's not too surprising that the company appears to be the focus of her new show. It looks like Cavallari is making her mark on the fashion world, and fans can look forward to seeing the experience firsthand when the show premieres in July.