'RHOBH' Stars Kyle & Rinna Surprising Lea Michele Was As Amazing As It Sounds

This is the best birthday present ever. Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna surprised Lea Michele while she was guest hosting The Ellen DeGeneres Show on her birthday, Wednesday, Aug. 29. For those unaware, Michele is a huge Real Housewives fan, so to receive a surprise visit from two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars meant a lot to the former Glee actor.

"There's apparently a surprise for me from some of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Michele told the audience. "There's a clip, I guess, so let's take a look."

A video with Kyle and Lisa started rolling, but what Michele didn't know was the Housewives were there in the studio filming the clip at that exact moment. "We just wanted to send you some love on your special, special day," Lisa said. "We know you're doing an amazing job filling in for Ellen [DeGeneres] and hope you're having the best time ever."

Michele was excited just to have a video message from the RHOBH stars, so, yeah, you can imagine her reaction when out walked Lisa and Kyle. Of course, in RHOBH-fashion, they brought her a massive bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne. Oh, and they even autographed framed photographs of themselves for her.

Here is Michele's reaction:

Michele's response was much calmer than when Real Housewives of New York City stars Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps surprised Jennifer Lawrence, but like J. Law, she immediately started asking Kyle and Lisa all the right questions about the upcoming season.

Her quiz session went as follows:

"You guys, what is happening? Are you filming your show right now? Are you done filming? When is it coming on? I have so many things to talk about. Is Denise Richards gonna be on the show?"

Referring to Denise, Kyle said, "That we can say. Yes, yes, well, it's already been announced." Unfortunately, Michele must have missed the news, because on Aug. 8, Denise confirmed she was joining RHOBH. This isn't really a spoiler, but Kyle and Lisa both seemed excited about Denise as a new addition.

Then, they both dished some new scoop. "We are filming," Lisa said. We just started filming."

First of all, by saying they're filming now, Lisa and Kyle confirmed they are returning for another round of drama. An official Season 9 cast list hasn't been announced yet, but it's really no surprise these two are coming back for more.

Then, Michele asked, "How many weeks into filming are we?" To that, Kyle revealed, "We are not that far into it and it's already a hot mess of a situation."

In the words of Lisa, "Spoiler alert!" They just started filming and Kyle described it as a "hot mess of a situation." What kind of drama is happening? Could it have something to do with Lisa yelling, "Say it! Say it, you guys! Say it!," during the group's recent trip to the Bahamas? If drama is occurring this early in the season, then it sure sounds like Season 9 might be a doozy.

If that's not enough spoilers for you, Michele also inquired about glam squads, which Erika Jayne is known for. Lisa and Kyle said they only use one when necessary, like when filming their RHOBH talking heads. Michele specifically asked, "Does Teddi [Mellencamp] now have a full glam squad?" Kyle said, "She does, sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes." Fans saw a little bit of Teddi's glam squad last season, but maybe they'll be seen even more when the show returns.

Too bad Michele didn't get a premiere date from the ladies, but thank goodness Lisa and Kyle surprised her or fans wouldn't know how much of a "hot mess" Season 9 just might be.