Kylie Cosmetics Is Selling Lipsticks For $10 — And The Sale Is Even At Ulta

Kylie Cosmetics/instagram

If there's a brand on the market that's best known for the lipsticks, it's Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie Jenner's eponymous brand even began with three lip kits. Of course the Kylie Cosmetics National Lipstick Day sale is lit. The beauty mogul is giving her fans the chance to snag some seriously affordable products from her brand, and if there's something you need to own from Kylie Cosmetics, it's her lippies.

According to the brand's Instagram account, Kylie Cosmetics is offering individual lip sticks at a two for $20 rate. The sale includes all of Jenner's liquid lipstick singles, glosses, metallic lips, bullet lipsticks, and even her lip liners. The only thing not included are her lip kits and new High Gloss. All of her other lip products are up for grabs, and if you're a fan of the beauty brand, you know that's a lot of lippies.

If you head to the Kylie Cosmetics website, Jenner has made the deal incredibly easy to shop. There's an entire section dedicated to her two for $20 deal, and yes, the sale actually does include her collections like the recently released summer Under The Sea lippies. Simply add two lipsticks to your cart, and you're good to go.

While there are the exceptions like Jenner's High Glosses, there are no rules about how to shop the sale. What does that mean? If you're super into Jenner's bullet lipsticks but also love her liquid lip singles, no matter what you add to your cart, as long as it's part of the sale, it qualifies as two for $20. Grab a gloss, then grab a matte liquid lip or snag a lip pencils and a matching bullet lip. No matter what, it's going to be 2 for $20.

There's another perk about the Kylie Cosmetics National Lipstick Day sale. It's not actually limited to the brand's website. Back in November of last year, Kylie Cosmetics officially launched in Ulta stores, and while not all of Jenner's sale take place across both retailer platforms, her National Lipstick Day one does. You can shop the two for $20 deals on both her website and Ulta. If you've got extra Ulta Rewards point sitting around, now may just be the time to use them.

Of course, National Lipstick Day is well, a single day. While Jenner's sale began on Saturday, July 27, the end is near. According to the brand, the two for $20 deal will only last until 11:59 p.m PT. For the East Coast, you've got a bit more time to shop, but for West Coast customers, move quick. If you want to snag some new lipsticks, glosses, or liners from Kylie Cosmetics, act fast because the same is ending soon.

Whether you need a new gloss for summer or want to start building up your fall and winter collection of lippies, the Kylie Cosmetics National Lipstick Day sale is the perfect opportunity. Act fast. There are only a few hours left in this deal, and you don't want to miss it.