Kylie Jenner Can Do Her Lip Liner With Her Eyes Closed

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You may not be a Kylie Cosmetics junkie, and you may not have even watched Life of Kylie, but it's hard to deny that the youngest member of the Kar-Jenners knows her makeup. In fact, Kylie Jenner's lip liner can be done with her eyes shut. You know those no mirror makeup challenges you see on YouTube? Yes, Jenner could totally beast them with her makeup skills.

How did this knowledge come about? No, Jenner didn't decide to take to her YouTube to do said challenge (but that would be a total must-see). It's a bit more high brow than that. Jenner partnered with Vogue to bring fans her beauty secrets, and she's got a few. From using her sister Kim Kardashian's KKW Beauty products to showcasing an unseen and upcoming Kylie Cosmetics palette, there's a lot to take in during the Vogue video. Perhaps the most outrageous moment, though, isn't that Jenner can carve out her eyebrows like a champ. It's that she can apply lip liner with her eyes closed and not look like a four year old who got into their parent's makeup bag afterward.

You know that awful rumor that the Kar-Jenner's have no talent? Can those people do their lip liner blind? No, don't think so.

Jenner doesn't reveal what could just be the most impressive part of the video until the end because duh, lips come last. The things you see before she lines her lips without even looking (still mind blowing, right?) prove that Jenner's makeup game is not only on point, but it's basically straight out of a YouTube guru's video.

Jenner goes through many of the steps you see some of your favorite gurus use. From carving out her brows with concealer to baking underneath her contour, Jenner does it all. She does so with a mix of Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty products. From baking with her sister's powder to debuting a brand new palette that seems to be a potential summer launch based on a prior appearance on Instagram account TrendMood, there's a lot you can learn in this video. The most mesmerizing part, though, has to be Jenner's stunning ability to close her eyes and line her lips.

Jenner takes a Kylie Cosmetics lip liner (because what else would she use?) and applies it to her bottom lip, eyes open. It's not that impressive. However, after filling in her entire bottom lip, Jenner closes her eyes and lines her top lip. Yes, her top lip. The lip that on most people has awkward curves and missing the mark can result in looking like you're wearing those old school fake red lip toys. Jenner is clearly a makeup goddess. Mere mortals are not worthy.

Before ending the video with the magazine, Jenner grabs her Nova lipstick, from her Weather Collection that was adorably inspired by her daughter Stormi, and applies it to her lips. The end result? A perfectly created Kylie Jenner pout.

Jenner's makeup skils shouldn't be a surprise, though. The brand owner has been a makeup lover for years. In the video she explains that founding her company was a major moment for her given that her sister Kendall was traveling the world as a model. Creating Kylie Cosmetics and seeing its success was the fruition of her dream and something that was her own.

Now, Jenner is basically a makeup mogul recording video for Vogue. Clearly, the dream of the Kylie Lip Kit has grown into an extremely successful reality. In the process, she's learned some makeup tips that could just come in handy.