Kylie Jenner Learned A Few Things From Her Momager That She Wants To Pass On To Stormi

With all of its bright colors and framed art prints, Kylie Jenner's house is breathtaking. But during a recent video and magazine interview with Architectural Digest, Kylie talked about the importance of making a house a home, and the feelings that a happy space can create. In the video, Kylie shared what she learned from her mom, Kris Jenner, while she was growing up, as well as what she wants to pass on to Stormi.

In the video, Kris joined Kylie to talk about their respective houses and their shared love of entertaining. "The things that we're similar in, and the things that I might have passed down to Kylie, are some of the cozier rooms, and just the comfort of fireplaces, and making an amazing kitchen," Kris said. She added that her daughter "loves a good party" and is a "great hostess."

Kylie jumped into her mom's statements to stress how important a home's ambiance is, too. The lip-kit mogul noted "how much a home can change when the music and the candles and the fireplace are on," adding that her mom always had those types of comforts during the holiday season at her own home when Kylie was growing up.

"Holidays were the best," Kylie said of her childhood. She remembered Easter in particular, sharing how her mom still gives her a basket every year. Kris agreed about the importance of those traditions, saying that "it's fun to create those moments" of togetherness for the family. "Those memories are so amazing," Kris said.

"It is very fun, and it's definitely what I will pass on to my little Stormi," Kylie added. And during Stormi's first year, Kylie has already created plenty of new traditions with her daughter, including dressing in similar outfits for various holidays. The two of them wore matching skeleton costumes for Halloween and matching Christmas outfits, too. Plus, Kris also saved Kylie's baby outfits for Stormi to wear. So even though Kylie's house includes plenty of shiny new things, there's still a special place in her heart for things that hold special meaning in the family.

While most fans can only dream of having living spaces anywhere close to Kylie and her family members', the idea of a house evoking feelings of coziness and happiness can be true no matter where you live. Kylie's apartment fixtures (and the house itself) are elaborate, but it sounds like what really matters to her is making sure her family and friends feel at home there.

As the duo discussed in the new interview, Kylie's come a long way from her first house. In fact, the makeup entrepreneur revealed that the only thing she still has from her first home are a few pillows — not a single piece of furniture made the cut. She's definitely found her own design style and voice, even if the relationships fostered within the home are more important than the decor itself.

Kylie has a very different decorating style than the other Kardashian-Jenner family members, with her Damien Hirst silkscreens and Andy Warhol prints. She loves bright colors and fun patterns, and she's not afraid to go for out-of-the-ordinary pieces, including condom-inspired art.

Still, while Kylie's house is design goals for plenty of people, what matters most to her are the "moments" she and her mom talked about. Fans will likely remember Kylie's holiday traditions like her giant gold Christmas tree. But it sounds like she also hopes Stormi will remember just being with her family and having everyone together in her mom's beautiful home.