Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly Building A New Mansion & It's As Extravagant As You'd Expect

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There's always something brewing in the Kardashian-Jenner households, and these days, things are never quite what they seem. For instance, the youngest sibling has some personal news: She's expecting a new house. Yes, Kylie Jenner's mansion is fully underway, according to TMZ, and it sounds as extravagant as you'd expect. The reality star and makeup mogul is building a palace worthy of King Kylie. Is it a new home for her rumored growing family? After all, Jenner is reportedly pregnant and dating Grammy nominee Travis Scott. (She has yet to confirm or comment on the baby rumors, which have circulated since September.) Since she's also laid low for the last six months or so, it could be that she's building herself a new, private oasis.

Also, she has bananas amounts of money for a young adult; why shouldn't she invest it in real estate? Her mom, Kris Jenner, is famously enamored with it. Kris has obsessively designed, redesigned, built, brokered, and flipped properties in the greater Los Angeles area for what feels like ages. Jenner, it seems, is learning from the best. But why a second giant home, and why now? And how big is Jenner's mansion-to-be? Don't worry, TMZ has the details. Of course, since this hasn't been confirmed by Jenner herself, the info should be taken with a grain of salt, but the place sounds so lavish, it has to be Jenner's.

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TMZ claims to have obtained the building permits for King Kylie's rumored mega mansion. Here's what they report is happening at a construction site in Hidden Hills:

"The building permit was issued in December, and here's what it calls for: 9,187 sq. ft. first floor, 5,304 sq. ft. second floor, 2 huge garages (1,200 sq. ft and 1,468 sq. ft), 1,836 sq. ft. of covered porches, [and] a cabana for the pool."

Two floors might not sound enormous, but Southern California residents have to be careful, as the region is known for unpredictable earthquake activity. It's worth noting that the construction site is also the location of the most recent paparazzi shots of Jenner, which fans believe are further evidence she's expecting a child. She's been hard to spot for the last few months, which is unusual; Kris' youngest child has made a veritable career of oversharing on media. Even once her reality series Life of Kylie aired, Jenner didn't do much press for it.

It's been ages since she's Snapchatted herself, and if her Instagram posts aren't about Kylie Cosmetics, they're throwbacks to earlier looks, outfits, and hairstyles. Seeing Jenner out, twice, in the same place? That has to mean she's planning something. But could it really be a home for her, her rumored boyfriend, and her possible baby-to-be? Or is she simply enjoying her life to herself, and looking for new and exciting investment opportunities? Perhaps she's planning her life as a future recluse. If you were 20 years old and had been famous for 10 of them, you'd probably tire of it, too.

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Jenner's reported manse is clearly spacious AF, but it's in the earliest stages of planning. If they're just beginning construction on a giant, airy, covered-porch-having, pool-with-cabana-having, two garage-having (that's it? Two garages? Suspicious, as Jenner loves her whips) supermansion worthy of the the family name, there's a long road ahead of it. It could be a year or more until the place is move-in ready, and if the makeup mogul isn't planning to sell her previous property just yet, that's something else to consider.

Putting together a new house while reportedly expecting a child is a very Kim Kardashian move. What's next — moving in with Kris and supposed boyfriend Travis Scott while the place is under construction? OK, probably not. But Kim and Kanye really did that, new baby and all. So, best of luck to Jenner as she builds her new super-house. May the construction be swift and thorough, and may her mom not interfere in the building process every five minutes.