Kyra From 'Love Island' Is A Must Follow — If Only For The Insta Videos Of Her Band

Colin Young-Wolff/CBS Entertainment

Besides Elizabeth and Zac, the couple who has been together longest on Love Island is Kyra and Cashel. But as Kyra has expressed her doubts about their relationship to Cashel and newcomer Eric is making moves, they could break up soon. Kyra from Love Island's Instagram doesn't provide much insight into who she will choose or what she might possibly do next on the reality series. But Kyra's Instagram account does show that she's a pro at modeling in swimsuits. Her beauty and self-assuredness probably made casting her for Love Island a no-brainer. However, Love Island fans know there's much more to Kyra than her looks and her Instagram also showcases her multiple careers and close bond with her siblings.

Kyra is often a spokesperson for the Islanders of Love Island with her confident personality. Once you check out her Instagram, you'll see that Kyra has long been in the limelight, so it's no wonder she feels comfortable in front of all those cameras. Since she's in the Love Island villa in Fiji, Kyra doesn't have access to her personal phone or her own Instagram account. But she posted ahead of Love Island that her siblings are running her account while she's gone, with her bio noting specifically that her sister Tori is filling in.

While you won't be getting any new content direct from Kyra until she gets dumped or ends up winning Love Island, she has over 1,000 posts that help you see the life she was living before the reality show. So check out what her more than 150,000 followers already know about her with these highlights from her Instagram.

Her Family

Kyra has discussed her siblings on Love Island before. She is the middle child with an older sister and a younger brother and their bond goes beyond family since they formed the band 212 Green together. If you want more on the family band, Kyra, her sister Tori, and brother Riley have a separate Instagram account for 212 Green.

Her Band

Kyra was already on a reality show when her band with her siblings performed on America's Got Talent. While Kyra hasn't posted about the band recently on her personal social media account, 212 Green shared they have a new music video on July 19 — undoubtedly (and very smartly) making the most of Kyra's reality TV fame.

Her Modeling

From runways to billboards to magazine spreads, Kyra has done it all when it comes to her modeling. Her Instagram bio notes she is currently repped by LA Model Management in California and SOCIAL New York in New York City.

Her Ex

Kyra told Yamen in the first episode that she had a relationship with a woman before and her Instagram shows she dated a fellow model in 2016.

Her Celeb Acquaintances

Kyra has been leading a pretty fabulous lifestyle, apparently running in the same social circles as some celebs ever since she created her Instagram account. As the above post shows, she snapped a pic with Harry Styles after she modeled for Burberry (she also met Cara Delevingne) in 2013. Kyra has modeled with A$AP Rocky as well and hung out with Machine Gun Kelly in Las Vegas as recently as May.

Her Swimsuit Game

In recent months, Kyra seemed to be gearing up for Love Island by sharing a bunch of swimsuit shots. Sure, this may be related to her modeling for KO watches, but it also ties in perfectly with her latest TV appearance.

No matter who Kyra chooses during the recoupling ceremony, it's clear from her Instagram that her career is on track even if she's still figuring out her love life on Love Island.