Lady Gaga May Not Have Worn Mascara At The Grammys & The Reason Why Is So Sweet

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If you didn't see A Star Is Born in 2018, did you even see a movie at all? While tonight's Grammys may not be about film, it does honor music from the movies, and there's one song (and artist) that seriously racked up the nominations. Tonight, Lady Gaga's Grammy red carpet dress proves that she came to celebrate the incredible year she has had and maybe take home a few trophies, too.

2018 has arguably been one of Lady Gaga's most monumental years, and that's saying a lot because this star has an extremely long résumé of successes and awards including existing Grammys and Golden Globes. However, Gaga's turn as Ally in 2018's A Star Is Born has resulted in both acting and singing nominations for the star, and the film created one of the year's most popular songs "Shallow."

The song, sung in the film, as a duet with actor Bradley Cooper (yes, he does actually sing), has been nearly impossible not to hear on the radio — not that people mind. The song isn't just a smash commercially, though. It's clearly also a critical darling. In fact, Lady Gaga is attending the 2019 Grammy Awards primarily as a result of nominations for the song. This is Lady Gaga we're talking about, though, so of course, before she even hit the red carpet, she's already won a Grammy for her performance of "Where Do You Think You’re Goin’?" from her album Joanne.

It's that win for her performance that may have just had an impact on her red carpet look. According to a tweet from the singer after she picked up her first Grammy of the night, she thought she might not have been able to wear, and based on some photos, it seems like that may be partially true.

On the red carpet, Lady Gaga's gorgeous, full-on sparkle, silver gown seriously stole the show, but thanks to her tweet from earlier in the night, there was a detail some may not have noticed. Lady Gaga actually doesn't have on mascara or lashes for the night, according to Marc Jacobs Beauty.

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Global Artistry Ambassador Sarah Tanno is responsible for Gaga's gorgeous look, and according to the brand, Tanno, "skipped mascara and lashes to keep the focus on the shape of the eye and not appear too 'glam.'"

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Of course, it wasn't even just the Grammys that may have made Gaga go sans mascara. The award winning singer and actor also scored a trophy at the BAFTAs across the pond tonight. To say that she's having a great Sunday is an understatement.

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With or without mascara, though, Lady Gaga's look was spectacular. She was actually shining as she made her way into the show.

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If you've been a fan of Gaga for a while now (and who hasn't), you'll know that her style has undergone quite a transformation. The singer and actor has always been a risk taker when it comes to her sartorial choices. From meat dresses to egg entrances to giant suits, she plays around with fashion like the fun and beautiful thing that it is and often uses it to as a means to send a message.

2018 seemed to mark the year of movie star Gaga, probably because she officially is one now. During her A Star Is Born press tour, including her time at multiple film festivals, Gaga donned fabulous gown after fabulous gown including a breathtaking flamingo pink feather creation that basically left the world speechless.

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Of course, there was her Judy Garland-inspired dress at the Golden Globe awards. The periwinkle blue creation was both a throwback to original A Star Is Born actress and icon Judy Garland and a Cinderella ball gown. As always, though, Lady Gaga put her own spin on the look matching her hair to her gown.

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Honestly, that's what sets Lady Gaga apart from others. No matter what she's wearing, whether it be a classic ball gown or a David Bowie-inspired ensemble, there's always something in Gaga's sartorial and beauty choices that make a look her own. The same can be said about her look tonight on the red carpet.