Lady Gaga's Hair Before She Was Famous Makes Her Look Like A Completely Different Person

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just as much as they're known for their talents, celebrities are recognized by their signature locks. Take Beyonce's honey blonde hair, Ariana Grande's signature half-up ponytail, or Gisele Bündchen's beachy waves can all be taken as examples. That's why Lady Gaga's hair before she was famous makes her hardly recognizable — it's nearly impossible to imagine her without her signature blonde mane nowadays.

Gaga's hair is probably the only thing that comes even remotely close to being predictable about the pop star, and that's not even the case all of the time. As someone who purposefully dresses in absurd fashion, the shock-o-meter always rings off of the charts when it comes to this avant garde singer's looks. So, the fact that blonde tresses come to mind when you think of Lady Gaga means there's at least something fans can definitively associate with the singer. Even if she has been known to rock pretty much every whacky style and shade of the rainbow at least once, the singer always seems to return to her platinum blonde tresses.

You'd think Gaga was born with blonde hair since it's clearly her thing. But a recent throwback posted by the singer was a quick reminder that she isn't isn't afraid to walk on the dark side — and when she does, it's hard to believe it's the blonde bombshell fans have come to know and love.

Taking the Twitterverse on a trip down memory lane, Gaga tweeted a throwback photo of herself in honor of her 32 birthday. Captured in her pre-mega stardom days, the 2007 photo gave a glimpse of the singer before going blonde and releasing her debut single that would forever change her life, "Just Dance".

If it wasn't for Gaga herself posting the photo, you probably wouldn't even know it was the leader of the little monsters fanbase standing before you. Rocking jet black hair and bangs, Gaga looks almost nothing like herself, proof that a dramatic hair transformation can turn you into a completely different person.

Even the makeup and wardrobe doesn't completely fit the Lady Gaga we know today. Clad in leopard and sequins, this mixed print outfit doesn't seem as far out there as Gaga's attire can get these days. The soft smokey eye and nude lips are even far more toned down than the eyeliner heavy, glitter-packed looks the singer has been known to sport today.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Of course, ten years ago wasn't the only time the singer has been photographed with dark locks and subtle makeup. Amidst the blonde and colorful hair, she has tried dark brunette and black hairstyles throughout her career. She has even undergone "make-unders" before, so Gaga isn't always one to opt for wild beauty looks.

That said, the photo from her career beginnings is still super shocking. Even though it's a head-scratcher that makes you wonder if it's even really, truly her, fans were in awe of a young, black-haired Gaga.

Some even preferred the singer sans blonde hair, after getting a peak of her dark side.

Many always knew that Lady Gaga with black hair was a winner, and this throwback flick was just further confirmation that blonde isn't the only hue that suits the singer.

Some twitter users even thought dark hair amped Gaga's sex appeal up several notches.

It may not have been the sultry 'do the singer stuck with throughout her career, but it marked the the beginnings of her stardom.

May Gaga's golden locks forever reign. But if the singer ever wants to do a complete 180, the jet black mane from 2007 that makes her unrecognizable will be the way to go, hands down.