‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans NEED To See Lala Kent In The ‘Flipping Out’ Season 11 Trailer

Manny Carabel/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thank Giggy, because Bravo is dishing up a crossover that is sure to be as satisfying as a baby bottle full of warm milk and honey after a long night of listening to your coworkers argue about cushions and hot tubs. Lala Kent will be on Flipping Out Season 11, just as some recent Instagram posts suggested. Yes, when the long-running reality show about a Los Angeles-based interior designer returns on Sept. 11, it will give us Lala. And you better believe the new trailer for Flipping Out Season 11, which was first released over at People on Tuesday, July 31, gives us Lala, too.

Again, the Vanderpump Rules star's cameo does not come out of left field. Back in April, Lala's boyfriend, producer Randall Emmett, posted a selfie he took with Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos of Flipping Out. The caption reads:

"Amazing day with @jljefflewis@jennipulos and his amazing team helping with my renovation on his show #flippingout"

The following month, Lala posted a picture she took with Jeff and Emmett on "furniture picking day." In June, Emmett shared a video of his living room and thanked Jeff. And last and SUR-tainly not least, she confirmed the Vander-flip crossover to Reality Blurb just last week.

The cameo may not come out of left field, but that does not make it any less special.

In the preview, we see Jeff and his team discuss decor options with Lala in the living room of an enormous house. When Lala asks Jeff if he and his team plan to put up multiple impressive chandeliers, he replies, “Yes, we’re not compromising. He knows by now you’re not cheap.” She laughs. The trailer moves to the next scene. That is all the Lala it gives us.

And as for Randall, aka “Rand,” aka “my man,” aka “the guy standing next to Lala on the Cannes red carpet in those iconic photos”? He is no where to be found in the trailer. However, even though Emmett does not show up in the trailer, it sounds like he may show up at some point during the season. When Lala spoke to Reality Blurb at The Row premiere, she said,

“We are on [Flipping Out] together. We’re transitioning into a new home but I still very much have my own space, like my office and glam space for moments like this when I need my team around and Rand doesn’t want 30 million people with mascara wands coming at him.”

Did you hear that, er, read that? Lala said she and Emmett are on Flipping Out... together. Emmett may never appear on Vanderpump Rules, but Flipping Out really could be another story. It looks like he is not against appearing on every Bravo reality show, just the one where his girlfriend gets into screaming fights about pasta in the middle of Fairfax Avenue. Hey, to each their own.

Now, what about this incredible outfit? Will Lala's belted onesie be on Flipping Out, too? Because it deserves all of the screen time in the world.

We will just have to tune in to find out.