Will Lala Be On The 'Pump Rules' Reunion?

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The res-SUR-dent private jet aficionado of Vanderpump Rules may be off the show, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't be welcome at the post-season sit-down. When Entertainment Tonight spoke with the Pump bunch at OK!'s Grammy party over the weekend, there was lots of talk about Lala Kent and the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion. While nothing's set in stone, some of Kent's former co-stars really want the ex-Pumper to be part of the forthcoming special. I couldn't agree with them more.

Kent and the show reportedly went their separate ways mid-season, but if Stassi Schroeder has taught us anything, it is that a Pumper is never necessarily gone for good. A SUR-prise return is always on the table. I sincerely hope Kent drops by the reunion for one last SUR-rah.

Whether the cast likes it or not, Kent is a crucial part of the Pump Rules legacy; she has given so much to the show, the audience, and my iTunes library (ain’t nobody got me feeling like I’m still feeling “Feeling You”). She deserves a chance to address the NDA rumors, the winter bodies fight, the airport no-show, the Range Rover giveaway story — I could go on and on and on. She's been such a huge part of this season. The reunion would feel incomplete without her. Kent has earned a proper goodbye. A grand sendoff. A final bow.

And what do ya know, it sounds like Lisa Vanderpump agrees with me. “[Kent] should be [at the Season 5 reunion],” the restauranteur told ET. “I think it’s always good to go and defend yourself, really, because otherwise, somebody fills your void, you know? And Lala wouldn’t want her void filled, now would she?”

As far as innuendos go, LVP is like a moth to flame. Like a Kristie to a corny SUR pun. And I couldn’t love her more for it.

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SUR bartender and Kent ally Ariana Madix echoed this sentiment. “I think the best way to speak your piece is to show up and say it yourself,” Madix said. “Because I can't speak for [Kent]. You can't. None of us really know Lala better than she does. So, I think she should face the music and I think it won't be as bad as she thinks it'll be.”

Here's something that's the opposite of a surprise: DJ James Kennedy hopes his buddy attends the annual battle royal that is the Pump Rules reunion. “I need some backup, don’t I?” Kennedy asked EW. “Otherwise, I’m in the dragon’s den with the rest of them. Kristen’s going to eat me. Stassi’s going to prepare it.”

So, how does Kent feel about the Season 5 reunion, anyway? Lucky us, the ex-Pumper was at the OK! party, too. When the reunion came up, Kent kept things vauge. “We’ll see,” she told ET. “I don’t know. I just may watch it and tweet from a yacht.”

Try as I might, I cannot knock that backup plan.