Lala Wants To Quit SUR On 'Vanderpump Rules,' But It Does Not Go As Planned

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After spending a weekend hiding from Ariana's NASCAR birthday and from her own cell phone, Lala is baaaaack. On Monday night's episode of Vanderpump Rules, the hostess skulks onto the screen for, like, five minutes, and I am so thankful. Now that I know Lala is done with the show, I cherish every Lala scene as if it were the last fried goat cheese ball on the planet. Mustn't take these moments for granted, you know?

Near the end of the ep, Lala swings by SUR to chat with Lisa about not going to Sonoma, not getting along with her co-workers, and not appreciating the rumors about her personal life. Lala tells Lisa she is not dating a married man, Lisa tells Lala she needs to stop letting hearsay get the better of her, Lala says something about telling people she’s dating the pope just to keep them on their toes, Lisa tells Lala that people have trouble trusting her because they feel like they’ve caught her in lies before, and Lala tells Lisa she thinks she should quit her hostessing job at SUR.

No. No no no no no. Don't leave, Lala. Not like this. I know you left the show at some point, but don't let this be that moment. Ditching a trip to Sonoma, unfollowing Ariana on social media, and leaving your SUR job without fanfare is such a blah exit. You deserve better, Lala.

Lisa’s reaction:

Lala’s reaction:

My reaction:

And then, we cut to commercial.

After what was probably the most tense commercial break of my life, the resignation conversation resumes. Lisa tells Lala to grow up, to not give up, and to get over the gossip. The four Gs of getting on. And then, Lala un-quits. She rescinds her “I quit." Instead of stomping out of the Sexy Unique Restaurant once and for all, she thanks Lisa, goes back to her station at the front of the restaurant, and carries out her shift like normal. Yeah, yeah, Lala quits eventually, but this isn't that episode. And thank Giggy.

Here's how Lisa and I reacted:

Another day on the emotional roll-SUR coast-SUR.