Everything Lauren B.'s Instagram Can Teach You About 'The Bachelor' Star

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Only a couple of weeks in, Bachelor Nation may be finding Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s Season of The Bachelor (supervising producer: Deborah Read) a little slow thanks in part to his supremely laid back/subdued nature, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any front-runners to suss out even now. Lauren Burnham, better known as Lauren B. is one of four Laurens to join the mansion this season, but she seems to have something about her that separates her from the pack (especially since she's the last Lauren standing). Taking a look at her Instagram reveals that she is a very well-rounded woman, who might just make everyone want to be best friends with her. In fact, here are seven things that Lauren B.'s Instagram reveals about her life outside The Bachelor.

It was likely a little odd to a lot of fans when Lauren B. wasn't given more screen time in the premiere after she was introduced to Arie looking like a silvery, glittering goddess and immediately coming off as sweet and genuine. Of course, it is important to remember that the first night in the mansion is often chaotic, with so many people fighting for individual attention, the real contenders can get lost in the shuffle or choose to hang back initially. Lauren may not have really made a huge impression either way just yet, but she has plenty of time to show off her personality.

In case you are wondering what makes Lauren so cool, here are some tidbits from her Instagram that showcase the real contestant behind the gown.

1. Her Dog Is Everything

Not only does Lauren B. have a completely precious pup, but she obviously loves her furry pal like a child. His name is Dallas and Lauren literally describes him as her "BFFL" in photos on her Instagram.

2. She Likes To Fish

...and apparently she is pretty good at it too! That catch is pretty impressive.

3. She Is Adverturous

Lauren posted a photo recently of herself with a group of friends at iFLY, which is an indoor skydiving simulator. In the comments on the photo, a friend suggested they do the real thing and Lauren responded with an enthusiastic, "OMG yes! Let's go jump out of a plane!"

4. She Is Artistic

That painting is something you would find in a gallery or a store for purchase. She completed that masterpiece at a wine and paint night. Stunning.

5. She Has A Sense Of Humor

Most people would probably say that a sense of humor is pretty important in a partner, and it is clear from Lauren Instagram that she likes to joke around.

6. She Could Be Elsa From Frozen

In her ABC Bachelor profile, Lauren B. was asked what fictional character she would like to be. Her answer was that she would like to be Elsa from Frozen because she always wanted to be a Disney princess. Is it just me, or does she not look like she could take over for Elsa any second now?

7. She Adores Her Family

It is always sweet to see people who really have a close, loving bond with their family. Lauren constantly posts photos of her family members and seems to share a particularly close and adorable relationship with her little brother, whom she posts about the most.

Sometimes it can be hard to see all of the individual personalities on The Bachelor when there are so many contestants in the very beginning. Should Lauren make through the next couple of weeks/eliminations, which she has a very good chance of doing as long as Arie actually gets to know her, more of her personality will be revealed to viewers. In the meantime, though, there's always social media snooping, and her IG shows she's one cool lady.