Le Creuset Just Launched A Shimmering Pastel Collection & You'll Want Every Piece

Le Creuset UK/Instagram

Holy Instagram. The gods are shining down on you today, because Le Creuset Glacé Collection is here and it's a feast for the eyes. Le Creuset, the famous cookware company whose name I can definitely spell without googling it, has announced a new range for its UK line that has a pearly, pastel vibe that could definitely take your kitchen up a notch. Mugs, bowls, tea pots, coffee presses, and even egg cups, if you're feeling fancy, are all available in this drool-worthy new range. You can imagine you have the kitchen of your dreams, even if in reality you only have the egg cups of your dreams. Hey, it's a start.

The collection features four of the most ridiculous color names you've ever heard of — Pearlised Chiffon Pink, Elysees Yellow, Pale Cool Mint, and Pale Coastal Blue. Though the names may be ridiculous, the colors look so good I want to eat them as an Easter egg. No apologies. no regrets. Seriously, they look like candy.

"Our NEW Glacé Collection is an exclusive range of pearlised on-trend pastel Stoneware pieces, with colors that evoke thoughts of an indulgent afternoon tea or a visit to a luxurious patisserie," the company explains on Instagram.

A luxurious patisserie. Can you imagine? Maybe that explains why I was eating so many pastries while looking at the photos. The bad news is that so far it looks like these shiny beauties are only available in the UK — per Le Creuset's UK site, they won't ship to the U.S. — but it's probably time we take to the streets and demand their presence in the US of A immediately.

As ever with Le Creuset products, don't expect them to come cheap — but they've become such a big name by using high-quality materials and creating dishes that last well, forever and ever, essentially. Whether you save up for a big cooking dish or treat yourself to some of their mugs or salt and pepper grinders, they're definitely a fancy kitchen staple. And these new colors give them a younger, springy edge which are perfect for more modern, minimalistic kitchens.

While for years and years the brand was associated with its traditional deep red and orange colors, it's branched out so much more recently — with lots of different collections from the worldly to the downright whimsical. The lavender cookware line sent Instagram into a total tailspin and the millennial pink collection showed that the brand was totally ready to speak to a younger audience (who may or may not actually be able to afford it). But perhaps the biggest line in recent memory was when La Creuset and Disney teamed up for an epic Mickey-themed collection — and yes, there were ears everywhere you could imagine ears to be. Basically, from the grown-up to Instagram-ready, there are definitely options out there to fit your palate.

You may be seeing Le Creuset Glacé Collection taking over your Instagram feed, but before you get too excited you may need to hold your horses — or move to the UK, get your hands on these pearly stunners, and bring them home again. (Just hope that they don't weigh your bag, because if you've ever lifted a Le Creuset dish before then you know you might get yourself into trouble.) Maybe we should just wait and see if they come to the U.S. anytime soon. That's probably safer. Until then, you can peek at the whole collection on Le Creuset UK's site here.