Lily Collins Posted A Makeup-Free Selfie & Slayed

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Awards show season is in full swing, which means we're regularly treated to glimpses of glitz-and-glam stars in their finest. That's why it's even more of a treat to see Mortal Instruments star Lily Collins post a beautiful makeup-free selfie on Instagram.

Collins rang in 2017 with a fresh-faced selfie, and now she's keeping it real with another glimpse under the makeup mask. "Fresh skin, makeup free. Let the evening begin..." Collins captioned the Insta shot from Feb. 1.

Going makeup-free has been a growing trend, especially with celebs like Alicia Keys espousing the pros of it. Also growing have been discussions about the social politics of wearing makeup — for example, women are often told that wearing makeup is professional and attractive on a corporate level. But when it comes to those terrible "trends men hate that women should stop doing because men say so, gosh" articles, wearing lots of makeup is consistently a chart-topper.

Keys said it best in an interview with Allure: "No one should be ashamed by the way you choose to express yourself. And that’s exactly the point. However, if you want to do that for yourself, you should do that."

Check out Collins' beautiful contribution to the celeb cache of makeup-free selfies below.

Fans are loving Collins' look. "U are honestly everything I wish I could be," said one commenter. "Flawless with and without makeup. #perfection," another chimed in.

#Perfection, indeed.