Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Sharing Old 'Hamilton' Demos

by Mary Grace Garis
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In the midst of Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday, it may feel as though we're living in a tornado of fear, rage, and despair. But don't forget, we have Hamilton's amazing creator on our side. Lin-Manuel Miranda is posting rough demos of Hamilton songs on his Twitter account in the wake of this frightful day, and they are exactly what you need to calm your nerves over the incoming administration.

In fact, even the way Miranda is delivering these sweet, rough drafts has all the nervous pause of a friend who's trying to stop you from outright bawling (which, TBH, is basically the situation at hand). "Um, you guys wanna hear my first draft of Right Hand Man?" Miranda tweeted, presenting his followers with a 2010 recording, as if it's a frantic bid to distract you from the pain. Along with it, Miranda has dropped early drafts of "The Story of Tonight," "Congratulations," and "Your Obedient Servant," with potentially more audio lollipops to cheer us up on the way. As of right now, Hamilton fans in the comment section are eating it all up, desperate to hear anything he could possibly give us. The man shows no signs of stopping. Bless.

This isn't, of course, to undermine all the times Miranda has lent his voice during these dark times, and the potentially darker times to come. The composer was famously outspoken during campaign season, lending his creative talents to support Hillary Clinton with an inspiring rap. He, in the bleary wake of the election, provided his fans with words of comfort and urged them to talk (not tweet) things out. He has not faltered once when it has come to providing messages of love instead of hate, promoting inclusivity instead of walling off immigrants (you know, the people who build up our country). So this new series of gestures is simply the latest in a long line of little kindnesses Manuel has provided to fans.

It goes without saying that we'll need to rally against injustices and fight properly, detach ourselves from our screens, and rebel against this administration. However, there is still value in words during a rebellion, and Miranda's constant efforts are certainly proof of that. So if you're looking for some quick inspiration and raw beats from the early aughts of Hamilton to just get through the day, feel free to wander over to Miranda's Twitter page. You won't be disappointed.