Lin-Manuel Miranda Was In The 'Sex And The City' Movie & The Cameo Has Twitter Shook

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Set down your cosmos, because this news might just shock you — Lin-Manuel Miranda appeared in the Sex and the City movie. On Friday, June 1, the Hamilton creator tweeted a screen cap of his cameo in the film, alongside the following message: "Never forget that Tommy Kail and I can be seen moving a couch in the first Sex And The City Movie (When @CynthiaNixon was the famousest Miranda (she still is))." His blink and you'll miss it moment involving moving a couch has the Twitterverse asking a whole lot of questions, namely was he just randomly moving furniture with Kail — the director of Hamilton and In the Heights — that day or was he supposed to be in the film?

It seems to safe to say that Miranda and Kail's cameo was an official one. The two are seen moving a couch in a scene where Nixon's character Miranda is apartment hunting. This isn't the first time that the Broadway star has confirmed that is indeed him in the first Sex and the City movie. He previously confirmed to eagle-eyed fan @jfranceska that he and Kail are in the movie way back in 2016.

However, Miranda's latest post has caught people's attention in a big way, especially since the movie just celebrated its 10-year anniversary on May 27. The revelation that Hamilton and Sex and the City shared a star, even for a brief moment, is bringing the internet so much joy. And memes — so, so many memes.

Hey, when you find out that Miranda basically reenacted a famous Friends scene in the Sex and the City movie, you have to appreciate that gift.

Everyone Is Making the Same Friends Joke

Thanks to that one episode of Friends where Ross makes the gang help him move his new couch, it's impossible to see anyone moving furniture in New York City without wanting to shout "Pivot!" at them. Did Miranda resist the urge? He's a consummate professional, so probably — but surely he at least thought about it.

And People Really Want To Know How This Cameo Came To Be

Since it doesn't look like a third Sex and the City movie will be happening anytime soon, maybe it's time for Hollywood to finally give fans the spin-off they've been craving — the one that answers the eternal question of what happened to those two super talented dudes that moved the couch?

Everyone Is Shook...

It just goes to show that it doesn't matter how many times you've seen a movie, there's always something new to spot. And Miranda's revelation appears to be inspiring quite a few people to plan a rewatch of Miranda, Carrie, Samantha, and Charlotte's first big screen adventure.

But Twitter Agrees There's Nothing Miranda Can't Do

Move couches? Check. Write and star in award-winning Broadway musicals? Double check. Wow his fans with totally unexpected trivia? You betcha. Miranda is a man of many talents.

Now that the world knows that Miranda once shared a scene with another famous Miranda, it may never be the same. Seeing the Hamilton star appear in a tiny cameo will no doubt inspire many fans to break out into song the next time they watch the first Sex and the City movie, and Miranda happens to have the perfect one. After all, back in 2008, he was still a relative unknown who had yet to sing "Just You Wait." Now, he's a certified Broadway legend, who still knows how to surprise his fans.

There's no doubt he's come a long way, and surely, Nixon won't mind sharing the title of most famous Miranda with her former co-star.