Lisa Vanderpump Has Something To Say About Lisa Rinna's Recent 'RHOBH' Live Tweets

Charles Sykes/Bravo

Make room on your curio cabinet, because there's a new nesting doll of Beverly Hills Housewives snark to put on display. On Tuesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Lisa Vanderpump addressed Lisa Rinna’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 1 marathon that rocked the Bravoverse back in December. LVP’s reaction to her colleague’s reaction to RHOBH (casting: Jennifer Redinger) Season 1 was brief, albeit ruthless. In other words, it's precisely what you'd expect from the dame of Villa Rosa.

A few days after Christmas, Rinna bestowed a most special gift upon Bravo viewers: As the Rinnavation author watched the first season of RHOBH for the first time, she tweeted and Instagram Storied the entire adventure. Rinna, who wasn’t handed a Beverly Hills Housewife diamond until Season 5, had quite a lot to say about Season 1. She noted RHOBH’s other plastic-wrapped rabbit, called for the return of Camille Grammer, basked in the majesty of the Dinner Part from Hell, felt feelings as she watched the seasons’s legitimately emotional moments, and, of course, made joke after joke about Vanderpump.

So, when LVP and her sheer gloves graced Tuesday’s edition of WWHL, host Andy Cohen did the only thing he could do: He played some of Rinna’s Instagram Stories about RHOBH Season 1.

SUR's matriarch would not be shaken. When Cohen brought up Rinna’s recap of the show’s maiden voyage, LVP interjected, “The first few seasons that she auditioned for, but didn’t get the part.” Life isn’t all diamonds and scalding hot retorts, but it should be.

As harsh as that reply was, it wasn’t false. On the What Happens Live: Bethenny Turns the Tables special that aired back in 2015, Cohen told Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel that he passed on Rinna for the first season of RHOBH. The king of Bravo explained,

“You know Lisa Rinna was on the first casting tape for Beverly Hills. In the first season of Beverly Hills, I thought 'I don't see it. It's weird. It's not what this show is.' But then last year I wanted her on."

As LVP proved on Tuesday's WWHL, she has not forgotten about this piece of Season 1 trivia. She also added that she didn’t watch Rinna's social media recap, but one of her co-stars brought the posts to her attention. “I heard about it from one of my very close cast member friends,” she explained. Hm, now who might that've been? Who on RHOBH is tight with LVP and has a bone to pick with Rinna? Who, oh who could possibly have something to gain by letting Vanderpump know that Rinna roasted her left and right in her Instagram Stories? What a mystery.

When Cohen pointed out that Rinna said LVP seemed “more light and airy” in the first season, LVP replied, “It’s probably ’til I met Lisa Rinna.” These two really can’t help themselves, can they?

Once upon a time, the Lisas were a dynamic duo who would do things like take a private jet across the country together to meet at a mini horse. It was a phenomenal pairing. Alas, it looks like that friendship truly is a thing of the past. And what a bummer that is. Yeah, they seem to be getting along somewhat on Season 8, but these present-day jabs suggest the Lisas’ armistice doesn’t last.

Or hey, maybe the Lisas are actually on great terms behind-the-scenes. Maybe they’re friends again but get a kick out of playing up this feud. Maybe they think this whole thing is funny. Maybe this is some Real Housewives kayfabe. Maybe they, as Rinna put it back in Season 7, are “taking the piss out of each other” because “that’s what we do best.” A RinnaPump fan can dream.