You Won't Believe Who's Actually Getting Along Again On 'RHOBH'

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

2017 was one hell of a year, so far be it from me to be surprised by anything, but I (and many other Real Housewives fans) never thought they’d see the day that Dorit Kemsley, Erika Girardi, and Lisa “Lisar” Rinna ever saw eye-to-eye. Dorit had issues in Season 7 with both women, and now, at the beginning of Season 8, things are just plain hunky-dory, especially between Dorit and Lisa. Again, stranger things have happened, and the group on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills is positively drama-free for now.

Who knew that a birthday trip to Vegas would be the cure? The difference with this meeting of the minds was mostly that all of the women were open to pushing aside past battles and just getting to know each other again naturally. Kyle’s birthday trip to Las Vegas was just the ticket, because it was the women doing what they like to do regularly — dressing up, gambling, shopping, sunning. Who can fight when you’re soaking in the desert sun with a vodka tonic in your hand? The niceties started on the plane to Vegas, and they didn’t stop there. I had to blink twice when Dorit and Erika started bonding over how they preferred to raise boys to girls, and how they play relay races with their children still. Dorit remarked that Erika was much “warmer” than in seasons past, and the twinkly-eyed look in Dorit’s eyes was like a little kid on Christmas morning. The next day, they gambled together in Gucci pajamas. Does this new duo need a third? Because I’m available. After they were done gambling, they joined Lisa Vanderpump to shop and Erika treated them all to some makeup. Is this the Real Housewives Of The Twilight Zone?

Then again, Dorit and Erika’s newfound friendship isn’t that far off — the two have similar interests in fashion and beauty and entertainment, and they’re fairly close in age. The reconciliation of the Las Vegas trip was really Lisa and Dorit, because the allegations that surrounded their distrust of each other were so much more damaging than Erika, Dorit, and “Pantygate.” While in Hong Kong in Season 7, Lisa insinuated that, during a dinner party at Dorit’s house, Dorit’s pals all went to the bathroom between courses to partake in a fun white party powder. Dorit, of course, was incensed, and Lisa just wouldn’t back down about her claims. True or not, it’s… not really something you accuse someone of on national television. But a spin on the High Roller Ferris wheel was just the thing to break down walls.

Dorit opened up to Lisa, saying, “I don’t want to feel like I am in danger. Your words and actions are so low that they can really affect people’s lives.” They went back and forth a little, but finally, it ended with Lisa asking for a chance to “see [her] as [she] really is.” As all the other Housewives looked on, Dorit accepted Lisa’s second chance. Can we get these women in the United Nations? Oh, and to top it all off, Kyle and Lisa talked about the time Kyle ran into Lisa’s husband after the Season 7 bunny incident, and everyone hugged it out.

Were the producers hoping that the women would go to Las Vegas and more fireworks would erupt? Did they think that locking the cast in a pod 50 stories above the Strip would make them fight? If that was the case, it certainly backfired, because the entire cast of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills is getting along. But as Erika said, the other shoe has to drop soon. The hopeful reality television viewer in me wants harmony and hilarity for the rest of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 8, but the realist knows that nothing gold can stay. Let’s just enjoy it while it lasts.