Everyone's Doing It At Lollapalooza, And Here's Exactly Where The Sex Is Going Down


We are officially in the midst of music festival season! Doesn't it feel great? And with Lollapalooza music festival starting on August 3, it's time to ask yourself a very important question: If I'm going to have sex at Lollapalooza, where would be a good spot to do so? With bands like the xx, Ryan Adams, and The Shins, how could one not want to get it on? (Seriously; the xx's new album is chockfull of songs you totally want to have sex to — over and over again.)

Sex toy retailer, Lovehoney, surveyed over 1,000 people about their music festival sexual behavior, and found that Lollapalooza was the number one festival for sex, with 23 percent of music festival attendees having gotten it on there. Next up was Coachella at 14.3 percent, then Austin City Limits at 10 percent, and then Burning Man at nine percent, and finally, SXSW and 7.5 percent.

What they found is that Lollapalooza attendees have big plans for the festival with 10 percent of respondents wanting to have sex during Blink 182's set, because apparently they're still around. Not far behind, at eight percent on the list of bands to which people want to have sex, is Lorde, followed by Muse at 6.3 percent, and The Killers, also at 6.3 percent, because face it: "Mr. Brightside" remains one of the greatest songs of all time. That's not even personal opinion, but fact.

But since so many people are having sex at music festivals, the real question is where are they having all this sex? Here are the top five spots, according to Lovehoney's findings.



Coming in at number five on the list, with six percent of people having sex in one at a music festival, is an RV. Because what's a music festival without a recreational vehicle? I mean, getting through Burning Man, where nine percent of people reported having sex, would be impossible.


Quiet Spot In A Field

According to the survey, 12.5 percent of people prefer to have sex in a, and I quote, "quiet spot in a field." I'm not sure Blink 182 and a "quiet spot in a field" really go well together, but having never tried it, I'm in no place to judge.


In The Crowd

Fun fact about me: I wanted to lose my virginity in the crowd at a Nine Inch Nails concert. Tragically, this has never happened and I've yet to even have sex to "Closer," as I had imagined I would back in the day. But to find out that 13 percent of people have had sex in the crowd at a music festival, makes me feel less alone in my pursuit of public sex — in a crowd. In an effing crowd!



Although who in the right mind would want to leave a festival to stagger all the way out to the parking lot remains a mystery in this particular writer's head, 15 percent of people have opted for the car when it came to music festival sex. At least you get a bit more privacy out there, than in a damn crowd.


Camping Tent

In first place, with 29 percent, a camping tent seems to be the spot where people are having sex the most. It's cozy, romantic, and if you schedule things correctly, as far as the line-up goes, you can even fulfill those dreams of having sex to Blink 182, too — ideally "All the Small Things," because double entendre for the win.

So now, after all that, the question still remains: Where will you be having sex this week at Lollapalooza or the next music festival you attend? You don't have to stick to these five. Get creative. It might be cool to be the first person to have sex in a tree at a music festival — or someplace else equally adventurous.