All Your 'Love Actually' Dreams Can Now Come True At A Certain Airport

Want to get the rom-com super fan in your life the perfect holiday present? If they're arriving at Heathrow Airport by Dec. 23, then you're in luck. The London airport teamed up with actor Martine McCutcheon to help Love Actually fans recreate the film's perfect airport moment this holiday season. McCutcheon, who played Natalie in Love Actually, is one of several volunteers greeting people as they arrive at Heathrow from now until 7 p.m. London time on Saturday, December 23. If you want a volunteer to meet someone you love as they step off their plane all you have to do is send Heathrow Airport a direct message through their Twitter account with your loved one's name, flight information, and what you would like their welcome sign to say.

According to a survey conducted by Heathrow, the people of England's favorite scene from Love Actually is the one where Natalie leaps into David's arms for an epic airport hug. In a press release from the airport, McCutcheon said,

"It was one of my all-time favourite scenes to film and even now I get so excited every time I'm at Heathrow — welcoming someone home is such a great feeling that never gets old! At Christmas, this is truer than ever. I love that Heathrow is giving everyone the chance to welcome home their loved one, through this amazing team of volunteers who are spreading Christmas joy at the airport and bringing us all a bit closer together this Christmas."

Whether it's McCutcheon or another volunteer who greets your Love Actually loving friend or family member, there are few things nicer than seeing a smiling face and receiving a big hug after a long flight. That likely goes double for people traveling during the stressful holiday season.

In Love Actually, McCutcheon's profanity-loving Natalie has one of the film's sweetest romances when she and the perpetually single Prime Minister David (Hugh Grant) become smitten with one another. Their romance was confirmed to be going strong in the 2017 Red Nose Day Love Actually reunion, leaving fans free to imagine a lifetime of airport reunions for the couple, which ties in beautifully with Heathrow's holiday campaign. At the start of the holiday season, the airport released a touching commercial chronicling the many reunions between two teddy bears over the course of their lives. Each time one of them returned home, the other would greet them with a hug and Walker's shortbread cookies — which is why a few lucky travelers will be receiving cookies with their special greeting.

The commercial will make you almost as weepy as Love Actually, but ultimately, nothing can top the film's ode to the joy of reuniting with the people that you love. "It seems to me that love is everywhere," David says during the iconic airport scene at the beginning of the film. "Often, it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it's always there - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends."

McCutcheon, Heathrow, and the volunteers who are taking time out of their own busy schedules to greet people who may not have anyone to meet them at the airport are bringing the Love Actually magic to life. It's a small gesture, but it's one that's full of warmth and kindness — much like the beloved holiday film that inspired the idea. Even if you aren't flying into London this year, just knowing that one of the film's stars is so devoted to keeping the spirit of the movie alive should warm your heart. Love actually is all around, guys, and Heathrow is doing its part to keep it that way.