The Trailer For Lucy Hale's New Show Is Here

Pretty Little Liars is ending, but that doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to Aria Montgomery just yet. Lucy Hale has a new show called Life Sentence on The CW that should make PLL fans very happy. Mostly, because Hale's new show has a little something in common with her old one. So, what's the connection? Both include a whole lot of secrets that need to be revealed. Lucky for you, I can share a few of those secrets with you now that Life Sentence dropped its first official trailer.

On her new show, Hale plays a young woman named Stella, who's been battling terminal cancer for the last eight years and living each day like it's her last. Mainly because she assumed it would be. (But we all know what happens when we assume.) Stella soon learns that she's cured — what a miracle — but now she has to deal with all the decisions she's made under the assumption they were possibly her last. And you know, find a job since that really wasn't on the docket for her. Though she's got the right idea in becoming a barista, which she believes is the answer for every "millennial with a funky haircut and no college education does."

Stella also has to deal with all of the secrets that her friends and family were keeping from her with the intention of trying not to hurt her. It's a comedy, which means it's not going to get as dark as Pretty Little Liars. Seriously, I don't think our hearts could handle it. But if it's like so many other CW shows, it's bound to have you reaching for the tissues.

Sometimes you'll need the Kleenex to wipe up those sad tears, and other times you'll need to dab at the happy ones. That's because some of the secrets on this show are more serious than others. Like Stella's sister (Brooke Lyons) admitting that she gave up a scholarship to Columbia to stay and help take care of her. Or her mom (Gillian Vigman) choosing to stay with her dad (Dylan Walsh) all these years, because she didn't want it to affect Stella's health.

But, Stella's husband (Elliot Knight) admitting that he's not going to be able to leave the room every time he farts is certainly not going to pull at your heartstrings. Though, you may be able to sympathize with him. "I mean winter's coming," notes in the trailer, "and I'm not going to be able to spend that kind of time outdoors."

As for when Life Sentence is coming, CW hasn't given an exact date for its premiere. But expect it to drop this fall, which is the perfect season to spend some time outdoors. Just saying.