Lush's Cookie Dough Lip Scrub Is Actually Edible Unlike Raw Cookie Dough

Courtesy of Lush

Who hasn't opened a fridge and bit into a chunk of cookie dough? The classic sleepover snack get a bad rep for being unsafe. Now, though, Lush's Cookie Dough lip scrub is coming to help banish that little bit of guilt you may feel whenever you bite into the dough.

While tons of people ignore the rumor that cookie dough is bad for you, there actually is science behind it. In fact, back in December 2018, the Centers for Disease Control issued a statement warning people about eating cookie dough and batter, and yes, it does kind of have to do with eggs. According to the CDC, the egg inside the cookie dough can carry salmonella which can result in humans contract salmonellosis, a type of food poisoning. Turns out that eating cookie dough isn't the best idea even if it is completely delicious.

While edible versions of cookie dough exist, Lush is bringing the favorite flavor into a whole new world: the beauty space. In its summer collection, the brand is launching a new Cookie Dough Lip Scrub that not only smells but also tastes like the classic late night treat. Plus, while it'll smell and taste good, it's also great for your lips, so take that regular cookie dough.

According to the brand, the new lip scrub consists of "course granulated sugar and superfine sea salt" that help to exfoliate alongside vanilla and almond essential oils that make it smell like you're baking cookies on your face. As for nourishing ingredients, the scrub is packed with shea butter, toasted hazelnut and pistachio oil. Not only will you get the perfect pout for your liquid lipstick application, but it'll feel like you're getting a sweet treat, too.

If you want to shop Lush's Cookie Dough scrub, the new summer item is available now over at the Lush website and retails for $10.95

The Cookie Dough Lip Scrub isn't the only new product that Lush is launching for summer, though. The brand is bringing out so great new goodies with all new fragrances as well as new takes on familiar products.

The brand clearly knows how much fans love their famous Sleepy Lotion. For summer, they're launching a new soap called Sleepy as well as a Twilight Shower Jelly that features the same Sleepy scent.

In addition to reinventing a famous scent, the brand is, as usual, innovating with new products. The brand has launched a brand new product, solid shower oils. These moisturizing solid oils should be smoothed over your body and then rinsed away while showering. The brand has created three scents in Minamisoma, Argan Dragon, and Coco Loco.

These are only a few of Lush's new summer creations, and they're all available on the Lush website. If you've been looking for the perfect lip scrub that just so happens to taste like cookie dough (minus the salmonella), you've got to shop the brand's new scrub. While you're there, snag more of the brand's new goods and pamper yourself for the rest of summer.