LUSH's Father's Day Collection Is Launching Soon And You'll Definitely Want To Shop It


Right on the heels of Mother's Day, LUSH Cosmetics is releasing another special collection, and it's so good. The handmade brand can't seem to get enough of holiday collections and neither can their fans — myself included. LUSH Cosmetics' Father's Day Collection is set to launch incredibly soon, and the latest additions to the ever growing collection of LUSH products are too good to miss for you or your dad.

LUSH holiday collections have become so popular that some of the products inside have had calls for a permanent status. Most recently, the Scrubee body butter scrub has had tons of fan outcry for it to be made a permanent member of the LUSH family. While other fan favorites like Prince Charming from the Valentine's Day collection aren't permanent, the brand does bring them back annually for fans to stock up on while they have the chance.

Now, LUSH is launching their Father's Day collection, and there just may be some must have products that get the same resounding calls for permanent status as its predecessors. From shampoo bars to bath bombs, there are tons of great new products, and they're debuting on May 17 online and May 26 in stores. What should you consider purchasing for your dad, though?

1. SuperDad Bath Bomb


$8.95, Lush

Your dad should enjoy a gorgeous bath for his big day.

2. Smuggler's Soul Multi-Purpose Cream


$12.95, LUSH

From shaving cream to moisturizer, this multi-purpose cream is great for a multitude of things which is what makes it such a great gift.

3. Smuggler's Soul Facial Scrub


$8.95, LUSH

Exfoliate the skin with this perfect product for your dad.

4. Smuggler's Soul Shampoo Bar


$16.95, LUSH

Why not give dad a new way to shampoo?

5. The ModFather Bubble Bar


$5.95, LUSH

Everyone loves a good bubble bath.

6. Stairway To Heaven Soap


$6.75 per 1/4 lb, LUSH

Soap is always a great gift idea.

If you want to pamper your dad for Father's Day, LUSH Cosmetics' new collection may just be the perfect way to do it. Shop in stores on May 26 and online May 18, and you'll snag the best offering from the new collection.