Lush's Rocket Science Bath Bomb Is Meant To Curb Anxiety

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy Lush Cosmetics

You never know what this brand will be cooking up next — literally. The company has been working away in the kitchen to come up with new and innovative products, and one will be here very soon. Lush created a Rocket Science Bath Bomb, so you can transport yourself to a calmer place. You don't have much longer to wait until this little fizzer lands in your bathtub, either. Get ready to indulge, because this is only the beginning of innovative items coming.

When Lush creates an item, they don't hold back. Their most recent inventions include a Fidget Spinner Bubble Bar and a bath bomb that turns water into jelly. Now the products are coming across the pond, and they're definitely worth the wait. The rocket Science Bath Bomb is the first one scheduled to land in the US. The tiny little rocket-shaped bar shoots across the bath tub leaving conditioning oils and even some stars in its path. Basically, it's Instagram gold.

You don't have to wait much longer for it to arrive, either. The Rocket Science Bath Bomb will be available online and in-store on Aug. 15. It will cost $8.95 and it completely vegan, so everyone can get in on the fun.

Courtesy Lush Cosmetics

The Rocket Science Bath Bomb contains citrus oils for an uplifting — get it? — and relaxing bath time. It's meant to destress and curb anxiety, whether you're astronauts-in-training or just looking to unwind after a long week. As always, the ingredients are all-natural as well. Did I mention that it shoots across your tub? Because that part is important for Instagrammers and children-at-heart alike.

This isn't the only new product coming to the US though. Lush has already released their Sleepy Hand and Body Lotion, Scrubee Body Butter, Mouthwash Tabs, and their Pink Bath Bombs. They have even more plans for across the pond as well. The brand teased that more releases are coming very soon. Fingers crossed that means jelly water bath bombs for everyone.

If all of this doesn't get you excited, then I don't know what will. With innovative products, natural ingredients, and great prices, you really can't get much better. Mark your calendars, because these are products that you won't want to miss.