Maisie Williams First ‘Game Of Thrones’ Memory is So Sweet

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Step aside, Season 8 teaser, because the real star of Brazil's Comic Con Experience is Maisie Williams’s first Game of Thrones memory. During the Game of Thrones panel at Comic-Con Experience, Williams shared a recollection that will make Thrones fans say “You know charming, Jon Snow…’s sister.” (OK fine, “charming” does not rhyme with “charming,” but can we just go with it? Please? It’s Friday.) Williams’s first memory is not about the dragons or the heavy costumes or the one time Jaime Lannister pushed her on-screen brother out of a window, but her real-life, true-blue friendship with Sophie Turner.

When asked to reveal her first GoT memory during the Comic Con Experience panel, Williams reportedly said, “Meeting Sophie...and to having this decade long friendship with her.” The duo has played sisters Arya and Sansa Stark on the hit fantasy series for about a decade, and as they’ve said time and time again, it was friendship at first sight. Williams recalled at an Emmy panel back in 2013,

“I did another audition [for GoT] meeting the girls playing Sansa, and I got on really, really well with Sophie. I remember her being super tall. And like, after everything we do, she’s like, ‘Aw, you’re really cute.’ And then I was a bit like, ‘Yeah, I’m only one year younger than you.’ But yeah, we got on really, really well. And I came out of the audition and said to my mum, ‘Even if I don’t the part, I really want that girl to ‘cause she’s really cool.’”

No, your heart is melting like that block of ice that held the Season 7 premiere date.

And as we all know now, they both got the parts they were going for, became the best of buds, and got very special matching friendship tattoos.

As Turner told E! News at the 2016 Emmys, she and Williams got matching ink on their forearms to commemorate the date they both found out they’d be on Thrones. As Sansa showed off her “07.08.09” tat, she explained,

"She's one of my best friends in the whole world. We got matching tattoos. That's the date that we both heard that we got Game of Thrones on. The day we both heard that we got it. So we got [the tattoos] together the other day. It’s still a bit crusty.”

This idea in the ether for quite some time, but getting that significant date inked to their arms wasn’t their only matching tattoo plan. Turner explained to E! News,

“We’ve always said we’ve wanted matching [tattoos], and the date was always really significant, we’d always kind of said. And then, with Thrones were always planning from Season 1 like, ‘If we make it all the way through, hopefully we can all get a matching wolf or something.’ But we don’t know if we’re going to make it, so Maisie and I were like, ‘Let’s get these ones before anyone kills us.’ Which is so possible.”

Turner wants matching wolf tattoos, eh? Your move, Williams.

Their stints on Game of Thrones won't last forever, but Williams and Turner's friendship will never end.