Mandy Moore Teased These Characters Will Get Their Own Episodes In Season 3, So Grab Your Tissues

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The emotionally charged Season 2 cliffhanger of This Is Us left fans with so many questions about the future of the show and its characters. The tear jerking season-ender opened doors for many possibilities, and star Mandy Moore revealed that Season 3 of This Is Us is going to be their best yet. In a recent sit down with TV Guide, the 34-year-old actor, who plays the family matriarch Rebecca Pearson, dished on what's coming up for the Pearson family this season, and while she was careful not to give too much away, she did promise that Season 3 would be even more intense and emotional than the last.

"There is going to be some great stuff unfolding in Season 3," Moore teased. "I am really, really excited for everybody — for Beth, for Toby, like their own stories, learning information about everybody, getting a fuller picture of who Jack and Rebecca were when they first started dating, who Jack was during the Vietnam War." Not only did Moore promise Season 3 would give fans a deeper glimpse into Beth and Toby, she also stated that the new season would make fans very, very happy. "It's going to be good. I feel like it's our most ambitious — but it's going to be the best season yet."

Revealing that the cast and crew will return to begin filming sometime in the next month, Moore added:

"I just spent time in the writers' room with Dan [Fogelman, show creator] and all of our incredible writers and what they have in store for Season 3 and the next couple seasons is pretty remarkable. I think we've shown people what this show can be and all of the different multitude of directions we can go in."

At the close of Season 2, fans were left with many questions when the finale gave viewers a glimpse into the future of the Pearson family. One particularly troubling mystery: who were Randall and Tess talking about when they mentioned going "to see her"? The scene, which featured an older Randall and a grown up Tess, sparked speculation about Beth's fate, causing many fans to worry that Beth would die in Season 3.

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In an April interview with The LA Times, Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth Pearson on the show, was quick to shoot down chatter about her character's rumored death, telling the news outlet, "I don't think I'm dying. That's a rumor." She added that Beth would actually probably get a bit more screen time in the year to come, teasing that the show's third season would take a deeper look into her character's background, something Moore referenced in her interview with TV Guide.

The Season 2 finale also left fans with an intriguing sneak peek into other developing storylines for Season 3, including a new relationship between Kevin and Zoe (Beth's cousin), Jack's experience in the military and serving in Vietnam, and how newlyweds Kate and Toby will handle Toby's issues with depression while trying to start a family. Just as Moore detailed in her TV Guide interview, Season 3 of This Is Us has a lot of different stories to explore,

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With so many different storylines (and family members) to follow, the idea that This Is Us ever coming to an end seems preposterous. And yet, it seems that the show's creator and executive producer, Dan Fogelman, already has an idea for the show's end. He revealed at this year's NBC For Your Consideration even that some of the scenes for the This Is Us series finale have already been filmed, according to E! News. But before fans can even think of the show ending, rest assured there will be a Season 3, and it will be worth waiting for. And after that, who knows how many more years This Is Us will be making us cry.