Mandy Moore's Throwback BSB Photo & '90s Beauty Tips Is Peak Nostalgia

Taylor Hill/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Mandy Moore may not be able to hit the road right now, but she's using this time to take a walk down memory lane to one of her first ever tours. During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Mandy Moore showed throwback photos with the Backstreet Boys from their 1999 Millenium tour at the very beginning of her pop career. The "Candy" singer revealed she discovered some memorabilia from touring with the legendary boy band while doing some spring cleaning during quarantine.

"When I was 15 and just started out in the industry, my very first tour with with *NSYNC," Moore recalled. "But shortly after that, I got to open up for the Backstreet Boys on their Millenium tour and I found my tour badge, like, my little lanyard I had to wear everywhere." The This is Us star then held up the badge to the camera, showing off a photo of her as a bright-eyed, blond-haired teen. "There's my picture of me when I was 15 ... [look at] my little blonde hair."

And Moore kept everything from that memorable experience, including the "hospitality badge" and the "my meal pass that, like, you had to show before you went and got your meal and catering." Of course, the best part of her mini show-and-tell segment is her Polaroid photo with the Backstreet Boys themselves. "They started the show by, like, flying in," Moore recalled before explaining why their tour outfits were so drastically different form her own tee-and-jeans. "So, they're wearing, sort of like, appropriate, I don't know, they look like space suits kind of."

In addition to classic BSB-tour memorabilia, Moore also revealed that she had unearthed a "very bizarre" book all about her that was released at the beginning of her career. "[It's] an actual book that was for sale for $12.95," she said of the book, titled The Unauthorized Mandy Moore. "Someone wrote [it] without me knowing about it, without my knowledge."

Moore then read a small "fun fact" that the book contained, under the list titled 10 Things We Love About Mandy. "The very first fact is 'Mandy is proud of her big feet. She wears a size ten shoe. They call her Bigfoot but she doesn't care. She thinks they're cool feet,'" Moore read aloud, laughing. For the record, while the book did get her shoe size correct, they messed up on one other fact: "I'm not proud of being called Bigfoot!" Moore said.

After the episode aired, the singer shared even more excerpts from the book on her Instagram, including some very '90s "beauty secrets" that are attributed to Moore. "[I] showed it on [Jimmy Kimmel Live!] last night but there is some other gems and beauty advice that needs to be shared with the world!" she captioned the post, which featured photos of pages with Moore's "advice" about dealing with stress, flyaways and protecting her "super-straight" hair from heat damage.

"A stylist sprinkled glitter into hair gel and slicked it onto Mandy's hair for a cool new look, so now Mandy does it herself using blue or silver glitter," reads a paragraph in the final photo of the slideshow. The book advises readers to jazz things up themselves by making a "zig-zag parting" and accessorizing with "Velcro-backed hair jewels or sparkling mini clips" for a stage-ready look. While Moore may be opting for a more natural — and much less glittery — look these days, at least she has plenty of late-90s memorabilia to share, so that we can all look back on that time with fondness and regret.